Telematics Data Service

Telematics Data Service

TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers. High-quality technical components and sensors record your trailer's data and transmit it directly to the telematics datacentre.
TrailerConnect? telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.

The benefits for you:

  • Constant overview of the trailer and load status
  • Filter function for individually customisable views
  • Clearly laid-out event, temperature and location history
  • Simple data export
  • Selection of the evaluation period
  • No vehicle downtime due to warning messages
  • Documentation of technical events and information on how to solve the problem
  • Consolidation of telematics data from different manufacturers

Excellent flexibility

Data export:
Share TrailerConnect® telematics information with other software systems used within your company via an API

Data import:
Integrate other manufacturers' telematics data into the TrailerConnect® portal via a generic import interface

Statement by Olaf Duden
The logistics industry is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. It is now fundamental to have the right partner, specifically in the telematics sector.
Olaf Duden, Fleet Manager, EURO-Leasing GmbH,
Statement by Katja Seifert
Our aim is to guarantee the safety, security and traceability of products. We do this by the real-time transmission of temperature and location data.
Katja Seifert, Fleet and Insurance, Spedition Kaiser & Schmoll,
Philipp Wegm?ller
It is essential to know at all times where our semi-trailers are, and guarantee that the refrigeration chain is intact during multimodal transport of perishable goods.
Philipp Wegmüller, Chair of the Executive Board, railCare AG,
Statement by Gert Kautetzky
Certified temperature reports, and sophisticated alarm and temperature management, are critical for the transport of pharmaceutical products.
Gert Kautetzky, Spedition Kautetzky,
Statement by Sascha Kost
We use geo-fencing points to tell us when the trailer arrives at a particular location so that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be planned in advance.
Sascha Kost, Fleet Management, Transporte Jankowski,
Statement by Ronja Assmann
We have clear, direct access to all the information about our semi-trailers in the new Telematics portal 2.0 - on smartphones or tablets too, if we need to.
Ronja Assmann, Fleet, Assmann Logistik GmbH,

beUpToDate portal app

beUpToDate - for convenient and simple monitoring of your trailer fleet by smartphone The beUpToDate app provides you with an overview of the most important data about your fleet in real time, showing the positions of your trailers on the fleet map.

Our tariff model

Multiple options tailored to your company

You can flexibly subscribe to our tariff modules according to your needs. The TrailerConnect® Info module gives you information to monitor your fleet. The TailerConnect® Alert tariff offers you extensive configuration and analysis options in the portal. TrailerConnect® Control offers you a reliable system to control key functions on your semi-trailers. All the data is saved for 12 months, or longer if required. Our three additional modules give you full transparency for your fleet and help you handle anything day-to-day transport operations throw at you.
  • Why does TrailerConnect® telematics represent such innovative equipment, particularly in the S.KO Cool Smart?
    Because telematics in the trailer helps to make many monitoring and control processes for the semi-trailer and load more efficient and transparent, permitting considerable optimisation.
  • What benefits does an OEM system offer?
    All components are ideally connected to each other in the trailer and professionally installed in line with automotive standards. This creates a high level of quality and maximum system availability.
  • What should my trailer telematics system do in addition to giving the position?
    As well as specifying the location of the trailer, a trailer telematics system provides intelligent connectivity and fast diagnosis of all the components of the trailer, combined with reliable integrated temperature management. The right telematics systems enables processes to be optimised and transport safety improved.

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