Low total operating costs make the S.KO COOL box body semi-trailer highly economical. It offers maximum freight security, ensures the safe handling of temperature-controlled freight and short turnaround times at the ramp. The TrailerConnect® telematics system, fitted as standard, provides for transparency and end-to-end documentation of the refrigeration chain.

Reliable. Safe. Smart.

A carrier delivers pharmaceutical products to the Netherlands and France with the S.KO COOL reefer with S.CU V2.0 cooling unit.

  • Chassis
  • Running gear
MODULOS short chassis for the S.KO box body semi-trailer

MODULOS chassis

The FERROPLAST® thermal technology box body is self-supporting and warp-resistant. Thanks to their bolted connections, the individual components of the MODULOS trailer chassis can be easily replaced. Corrosion protection is maintained by the galvanised parts.
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Running gear
  • Page
  • Double-decker system
  • Special equipment
  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Roof
  • Lighting
Fast loading and unloading through the side door in the S.KO box body semi-trailer

Side door

A good alternative to partial loads with multi-temperature transport with a partition. The side door enables the trailer to be partially unloaded and provides access to individual MultiTemp chilled zones.
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Loading volume with the double-decker system for the S.KO box body semi-trailer

Double-decker system

Flexible and higher utilisation of the trailer's capacity, thanks to its double-decker system. Ideal for freight that cannot be stacked. The system provides for gap-free loading using two infinitely height-adjustable split levels.
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Special equipment
Optimised loading volume for flower transport with the S.KO box body semi-trailer

Optimised loading volume

Higher loading volume for even greater flexibility when transporting goods, due to the adapted side wall thickness. Ideal loading width and optimised interior width of 2,490 mm, particularly for horticultural transport.
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S.KO box body semi-trailer Ferroplast roof


The standard FERROPLAST®-insulated roof comes in various versions, ensuring excellent fuel efficiency and outstanding insulation.
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Side wall
  • Air distribution
  • Cooling unit
  • MultiTemp equipment
  • Strip curtain
  • Temperature printer
Air distribution
Cooling unit
Transportkältemaschinen S.CU

S.CU transport cooling unit

The MonoTemp and MultiTemp versions of the S.CU cooling unit delivers optimum cost-effectiveness. Precise temperature management, thanks to sensitive control, low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals.
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MultiTemp equipment
Strip curtain
Strip curtains at the rear prevent the loss of cold air

Strip curtain

Variable strip curtains, which can be moved lengthwise, guarantee enhanced goods safety while reducing fuel use, as less cooled air is lost through open doors with partial loads.
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Temperature printer


Temperature printer

With the Schmitz Cargobull temperature printer you can quickly and easily create a paper printout of the certified temperature values directly on the vehicle.
The printout can be configured using the free beSmart App. This is a simple and convenient way of setting and changing, for example, the printing period or the language of the printout.

The temperature printer is an optional feature of the Smart Trailer.

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The TrailerConnect® telematics system masters these challenges in the field of temperature-controlled transport:

Advantages for the dispatcher

  • All information at a glance
  • Efficient planning of routes
  • Remote access to refrigeration machine and trailer
  • Transparent processes and tour monitoring, also of subcontractors used
  • Fast reaction to events (e.g. correction of setpoints)
  • Reliable compliance with the cold chain and optimum processes
  • Transport data available at all times
  • Automatic recording of the route from the start

Advantages for the fleet manager

  • Fast and digital availability of documentation (e.g. temperature records)
  • Optimal selection of the right vehicle and equipment (certificates, documents, reports)
  • Central monitoring of transport orders in a clear manner on one platform
  • Fast communication in case of questions

Advantages for the driver

  • All information in one platform ensures efficient communication between driver and dispatcher
  • Better concentration on transport thanks to presettings on the refrigeration unit and the rear door
  • Timely warning of disruptions and impending breakdowns
  • Avoidance of breakdowns
  • Optimised route planning by determining the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and taking driving times into account

Made for your everyday life - TrailerConnect® Portal

In the TrailerConnect® Portal, your transport data is clearly displayed and you have all the important information at a glance. With just a few settings, you configure the required messages in the TrailerConnect® Portal and keep the sensitive temperature management under control even from your desk.
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  • So you have all tours and events at a glance
    - Clear presentation in the portal as a map (Google Maps), graphic or list
    - Current status of tour or fleet
    - Summary of histories
    - Individual setting of alarms and setpoints
  • This is what TrailerConnect® Data Management Center (DMC) and TrailerConnect® TourTrack provide:
    − Secure and controlled data exchange with customers and shippers
    − Integrated subcontractor network displayed anonymously
    − Individual configuration of each route with automated route start, current status messages and ETA determination
  • This gives you an overview of the running time of the cooling unit
    − Monitoring the level of the refrigeration machine in the portal with a tank sensor for diesel-powered refrigeration machines and a battery monitor for electric refrigeration machines
    − Alarm in time, before failure is imminent
  • In this way, the portal supports you in maintaining the cold chain
    − Two-way communication with the cooling unit
    − Current cooling unit status in real time - even when the trailer is uncoupled
    − Changing settings and setpoints on the cooling unit in the portal: e.g. switching on and off, predefined temperature sets and alarms
  • How to obtain legally compliant proof of compliance with the cold chain
    − Digital temperature recorder integrated in the telematics control unit CTU Pro
    − Creation of temperature reports (according to DIN 12863)
    − Transmission via digital temperature recorder or temperature printer on the vehicle (optional)
    − If required, portal access for clients to their data
  • This is how you protect the cargo from unauthorised access
    − Door locking system on the trailer PIN-secured
    − Central control of the door locking system in the portal
    − Access to freight only in defined zones with geofences
    − Alarm informs in case of unauthorised door opening
  • Safety refrigerated case
  • Door locking system and door contact sensor
  • Tyre pressure systems
  • Brake pad wear indicator
  • Fuel indicator with LED display
  • Flashing side marking lights
  • Electronic ramp approach aid
Safety refrigerated case

Transport safety ex works

Theft of high-value cargo is on the rise. Robust box bodies alone are no longer sufficient for transporting expensive goods.

Schmitz Cargobull's smart security components meet the highest security standards of the Transported Asset
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Door locking system and door contact sensor
Protection from unauthorised access with control via the TrailerConnect® portal

Door locking system and door contact sensor

The door sensor detects whether the rear doors are open or closed. With the aid of the door locking system, the rear doors can be remotely locked or unlocked via the TrailerConnect® portal or the beSmart app.
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Pressure monitoring system 
Brake pad wear indicator
Brake pads always in sight

Brake pad wear indicator

The wear display signals at an early stage when a brake pad needs replacement, ensuring greater safety in road traffic and avoiding downtime and high consequential costs.
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Fuel indicator with LED display
LED tank display enables the fuel level to be read off

Fuel indicator with LED display

The fuel level of the cooling unit can always be clearly read on the tank LED display.
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Flashing side marking lights

Luces intermitentes de señalización lateral

Las luces intermitentes de señalización lateral ayudan a evitar accidentes en los giros. Cuando el conductor pone los intermitentes, las luces de señalización lateral del semirremolque parpadean intermitentemente, con lo que indica a los demás conductores su intención de girar.
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Electronic ramp approach aid
Information on resetting with the electronic ramp approach aid

Electronic ramp approach aid

The electronic ramp approach aid assists drivers when approaching loading ramps. Once reverse gear has been engaged, the system uses visual and audible signals to inform the driver of the distance remaining behind the vehicle. When the semi-trailer is nearing the ramp, the trailer brakes independently.
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  • Restraint
  • Lashing points and aids
Lashing points and aids


Comprehensive certifications for your safety in day-to-day transportation work.

  • Internal body length13.4 / 14.7 / 16.8m
  • Intenal body width*2,460 or 2,490mm
  • Internal body height*2,350-3,050mm
  • Pallet spaces33 / 36 / 41Euro pallets or 26 ISO pallets
* depending on the statutory requirements and the individual semi-trailer specification.
  • Orlando Ferreira
  • Pfenning Logistics Group
  • TAE
  • STI
orlando Fereira

Orlando Ferreira

The partner companies Transportes Orlando Ferreira and Transportes Anjofer, which are based in Marteleira in Portugal, are convinced of the advantages of Schmitz Cargobull's Full Service contracts.
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The Pfenning Logistics Group transports goods in Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers.

Pfenning Logistics Group

The Pfenning Logistics Group transports goods for food retailers with Schmitz Cargobull vehicles.

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TAE Transports i Serveis integrals

The Spanish transport and logistics company TAE Transports i Serveis integrals is reinforcing its fleet with 40 S.KO COOL SMART reefer with the EXECUTIVE PLUS package and is therefore once again relying on our technology and services.
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STI Freight Management relies on S.KO COOL box body semi-trailers.

STI Freight Management

STI Freight Management is investing in the latest generation of S.KO COOL box body semi-trailers and is planning to gradually equip its entire fleet with the new Smart Trailer technology.
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TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.
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TrailerConnect? telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.


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