Curtainsider semi-trailers

Always the right vehicle for all your general cargo transport work with Schmitz Cargobull's sophisticated product modules.
S.CS Universal curtainsider semi-trailer - robust, flexible with universal uses


Robust, flexible with universal uses: higher payloads, shorter load times and simple load securing - that's the Schmitz Cargobull S.CS UNIVERSAL curtainsider semi-trailer.
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S.CS PAPER curtainsider semi-trailers have been inspected and approved for paper roll transport in line with VDI Standard 2700. The chassis, with its short cross beam spacing and stable floor, has been specially designed for transporting paper. Joloda rails in the floor ensure safe and simple loading and unloading, as well as optimum load securing.
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The S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer is setting the standard in bulk transport.


And with its excellent load capacity, the S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer is setting the standard in bulk transport. It is certified to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and meets the requirements of the DL Directive 9.5.
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straight front wall for form-fitting loading


The UK has distinct requirements governing height (>4000 mm) and permitted total weight (44 tonnes). S.CS FIXED ROOF curtainsider semi-trailers conform to these requirements with their fixed roof consisting of steel elements, low empty weight and payload of up to 32 tonnes.
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The optimum transport of steel coils or split strips with the S.CS COIL curtainsider semi-trailer


Heavy steel roll transport requires durability and a high payload. The priorities are safety and protection of the goods. The S.CS COIL curtainsider semi-trailer can be used for more than just the transport of steel coils or split strips. A cover can be used to cover the coil well, permitting the transport of other freight.
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