Service contracts

Service contracts

A functional trailer is a basic prerequisite for your success. So don't make any compromises and rely on professionals when it comes to mobility. Depending on the vehicle equipment and operating conditions, we offer you modular service modules that are individually tailored to your needs.

Your benefits

Your contact person at Schmitz Cargobull coordinates inspection and maintenance work as well as financial processing. You retain full control of the costs and can concentrate on your daily business.


We offer you safe and reliable service contracts for your trailer so that you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Basic Service Trailer
  • Full Service Trailer
  • Legal decreases
  • Additional Options

Basic Service Trailer

The Basic Service Trailer Contract covers the costs for the replacement and wear of all brake and axle components with the following service components:

  • Early notification of when the service checks are due
  • Exchange and wear of all brake and axle components including EBS
  • Optional: All statutory tests
  • Europe-wide breakdown service

Modular service module: An upgrade to the full service trailer or full service tire contract is possible at any time, covering all wear and tear and breakdown costs.

Full Service Trailer

The Full Service contract includes repair and maintenance of new and used trailers - even those from other manufacturers. The range of services includes:

  • Assumption of costs for replacing worn parts including material and labour costs
  • Regular service checks with one of our 1,400 Service Partners throughout Europe
  • Assumption of costs for legally mandated inspections, such as general assessments
  • Europe-wide breakdown assistance with payment guarantee via Cargobull Euroservice

Repair Management

With Repair Management, we offer you complete processing of all workshop invoices individually tailored to your fleet:

  • Europe-wide processing of repairs, maintenance & breakdowns for the entire vehicle fleet (manufacturer-independent) via Cargobull Repair System at agreed, fixed conditions
  • Workshop-specific hourly rates
  • Standardized standard times and material prices* for Schmitz Cargobull original spare parts throughout Europe
  • Invoice control, processing & invoicing by Schmitz Cargobull Work carried out in the Schmitz Cargobull service partner network or defined partners

Cooling Unit

By taking out a service contract for the cooling appliance, you can ensure that your cooling appliance is serviced regularly and repaired quickly and reliably in the event of a breakdown.

  • Basic Service Cooling Unit 
  • Full Service Cooling Unit
  • Battery Protect Management

Basic Service Cooling Unit

The service refrigeration unit contract forms the basis for the service contract extension for the Schmitz Cargobull refrigeration unit. The contract extension includes:

  • 750 refrigeration unit hours per year, optionally additional refrigeration unit hours
  • Cost absorption for maintenance, repair and overhaul including replacement and wear and tear of the most important cooling unit components
  • Optional: TrailerConnect® Telematics Modular Service

Module: An upgrade to the Full Service Cooling Units (Executive Package) contract and the above-mentioned options is possible at any time

Full Service Cooling Unit

Full Service cooling unit Full Service for the cooling unit* includes maintenance, inspections and all repairs of wearing parts including material and labour costs. The package includes:

  • Assumption of costs for replacing worn parts including material and labour costs
  • Maintenance in line with the manufacturer's specification
  • Proactive Monitoring 2.0 from Schmitz Cargobull gives you optimum control and security over your Schmitz Cargobull refrigeration machines and protects against breakdowns
  • Different optional additional services, such as travel costs, seal checks, evaporator cleaning and temperature recorder calibration.

* Available for Schmitz Cargobull, Thermo King and Carrier cooling units.

  • Full Service Tyres
  • Full Service Retread Tyres

Full Service Tyres

The Full Service package for tyres completely covers the costs of worn tyres and punctures. This means:

  • Cost coverage for the replacement of worn tyres, also cost coverage for forcible tyre damage*
  • Europe-wide breakdown service with payment guarantee over €3,000
  • Regular fleet checks
  • Over 1,500 tire service partners throughout Europe
  • Over 2,500 additional tyre partners via manufacturer networks
  • On-site service in-house* (* optional)

Full Service Retread Tyres

The Basic Service tire contract offers a sustainable alternative to our Full Service tire contract. When changing tires due to wear and tear, the focus here is on high-quality retreaded tires. This not only saves resources, but also offers an optimized ct/km value. You receive this for a fixed monthly rate. The following services are also included:

  • Regular inspection of tires and air pressure
  • Tire history in the Cargobull Repair System
  • Europe-wide breakdown service

Modular service module: You can upgrade to Full Service Tires or add the "Tire service plus included" option at any time.

Proactive Monitoring 2.0

Proactive Monitoring 2.0 from Schmitz Cargobull gives you optimum control and security over your Schmitz Cargobull refrigeration machines and protects against breakdowns.

Transparent real-time condition monitoring of the S.CU with automatic fault analysis & escalation to improve refrigeration unit uptime.

  • Increased uptime by intervening before the cooling unit fails
  • Maximum transparency through the display of all S.CU-relevant information in Fleet Watch (traffic light system)
  • Simple troubleshooting through concrete recommended action for the rapid rectification of CU faults. 

Services for telematics components

The coverage of the telematics components within the scope of the service contracts ensures that you also benefit from the usual all-round service with your SmartTrailer.

Full Service Telematics Components

Depending on the selected Full Service Package, the following components are taken into account:

  • CTU control unit - Coupling sensor
  • TPMS
  • Brake pad wear indicator (TCI) +
  • CIS
  • LED fuel indicator
  • LIN keypad
  • Door sensor
  • TL3 door lock
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Cargobull Repair System

Clear overview of maintenance and service costs

Quality at fixed prices 

Cargobull Repair System gives all Service Partners a standardised specification for the use of material, processes and timings. The original spare parts are available at a fixed price. This ensures that you get uniform quality performance at fixed rates, in accordance with Schmitz Cargobull's stringent specifications for all our specialist workshops.

Full Service & Protection

The unique combination of service and insurance protects you and your trailer comprehensively against dangers.

Full Service & Protection

Full Service & Protection: One rate - everything included

Everything covered with one rate, one invoice, one contact person: Schmitz Cargobull offers a unique combination of full service and insurance cover. Full Service covers the costs of maintenance and wear and tear. "-Protection-" as an insurance with all-risk cover comprehensively covers violent damage as well as own and third-party fault.

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