Bulk transport

It's all about load capacity when it comes to bulk transport, with a focus on trailers with the highest possible internal height and preferably low fuel consumption. Schmitz Cargobull trailers combine excellent cost-effectiveness with exemplary reliability.


Maximum load capacity with low empty weight and low fuel consumption are critical for bulk transport. The curtainsider truck body and trailer combination, consisting of the M.CS curtainsider truck and Z.CS central axle curtainsider trailer, provides the required loading volume combined with excellent manoeuvrability for transport in urban areas.
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Organise efficient bulk transport with the M.KO Z.KO through-loading trailer


High volumes of goods need to be loaded and unloaded in the shortest possible time, especially in bulk transport. The through-loading trailer, consisting of the M.KO/Z.KO box body truck and central axle trailer which can be loaded and unloaded by forklift, presents the optimum solution. The vehicle only needs to be manoeuvred to the ramp once to be loaded.
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The S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer is setting the standard in bulk transport.


The chassis of the S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer, which has been adapted for bulk transport, provides an extra-large load capacity. Its statutory permitted overall height is ideally utilised, thanks to its low neck combined with low cross-section tyres.
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