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The EcoDuo long-distance concept

Efficient EcoDuo transport concept

Orientated long-distance concept for the transport sector. Schmitz Cargobull's commitment to the Europe-wide launch of a transport concept that reduces CO2 emissions while increasing transport volume. There is no additional load on the existing infrastructure and, at the same time, vehicle and logistics standards are complied with.
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The MODULOS chassis offers greater reserves of power

MODULOS semi-trailer frame

Its galvanised and bolted components make the MODULOS semi-trailer frame something very special.
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Ferroplast thermal technology

FERROPLAST® semi-trailer insulation

Market-leading thermal technology is the basis of our refrigerated box bodies. No moisture penetrates through the body's vapour diffusion-tight metal surface layers, keeping the payload safe and maintaining the efficiency of the insulation.
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Electric cooling unit

Electric cooling - S.CUe

The S.CUe is the prototype electric cooling unit for the S.KO COOL SMART. 100% output with zero emissions, specially developed for inner-city distribution transport.
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Reliable mileage (km) with the ROTOS? axle

ROTOS running gear

The ROTOS running gear concept consists of high-quality components perfectly coordinated to each other. The axle, bearings, brakes and brake discs, shock absorbers and air suspension represent more than top quality, they also work together perfectly.
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S.CU transport cooling unit

S.CU transport cooling unit

Our cooling units are economical, lightweight and quiet. Extremely precise temperature control, optimum heat output and reduced defrosting cycles are just a few of their excellent properties.
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Adjustment of the body to the load volume with the VARIOS body


VARIOS height-adjustable bodies for S.CS curtainsider semi-trailers for simpler and more flexible dispatch. All standard coupling heights are possible while complying with the legally prescribed overall height of the semi-trailer.
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