Schmitz Cargobull at a glance

Schmitz Cargobull at a glance

The courage to start something new, the drive to keep facing new challenges and the will to succeed - these have all been part of the Schmitz Cargobull ethos since we were founded in 1892.

The Schmitz Cargobull brand

From Schmitz trailer to the blue elephant and the current Schmitz Cargobull logo

A new, more user-friendly brand name is sought for Schmitz-Anhänger as the company becomes more internationalised.
The German word 'Anhänger' is not understandable in other languages and is difficult to pronounce due to the Umlaut 'ä'. It is therefore replaced by the understandable invented word 'Cargobull'. 'Cargo' denotes a load and 'bull' stands for the blue elephant. In December 1998, Schmitz-Anhänger officially changed its name to the new, internationally recognised brand name, Schmitz Cargobull. The elephant symbolises power, strength and working together. These precise values are reflected in Schmitz Cargobull's products and services.
The Schmitz Cargobull brand is a company asset that needs to be developed, maintained and documented to differentiate the company in the market and promote customer loyalty.


From a forge to Europe's leading transport solution provider.
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Unsere Fahrzeuge und Services wurden vielfach prämiert und ausgezeichnet.
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As a reliable and innovative company, we have closely linked sustainability with our products and processes. This is our contribution to the enormous challenge our industry faces in bringing increasing transport volumes in line with protecting the climate. In this report, we also make transparent how we deal with our supply chain and compliance issues, and how we manage environmental and energy management as well as occupational safety and the professional development of our employees. 
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Together we are strong. That's why we support multiple collaborative projects.
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Reliable and innovative

We are continuously working on new and innovative products for the success of your business to ensure that you remain one step ahead.
Our technologies stand out on account of their durability and reliability.

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Cargobull News

Top news about our company, our products and customers.
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Cargobull fanshop

For our fans: Selected Schmitz Cargobull design products.

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Customer testimonials

Vehicles in use by our customers every day. Testimonials from users.

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Production network

With the broad-based production network, production capacities are used in the best possible and flexible way. Customers throughout Europe can thus be served with products of the best quality and price-performance level. 

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Cargobull Newsletter

Stay regularly informed about our latest products, technologies and services with our newsletter.
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In an increasingly global competitive environment Schmitz Cargobull is confronted on a daily basis with new challenges which can only be taken on with the aid of a network of rapidly-acting partners. Every member of the network must be able to rely on all of the others.