FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Who is helped in the event of a breakdown?

    Every caller receives help on principle. At the very least, Cargobull Euroservice will provide the name of a Service Partner in the vicinity giving the breakdown location and a description of the problem.

  • Which languages are available?

    Cargobull Euroservice is able to offer help in 29 languages and will inform and reliably arrange a Schmitz Cargobull Service Partner.

  • How can I reach Cargobull Euroservice?

    There is a free phone number Europe-wide:

    00800 24 227 462 855
    or +49 2558 81 55 11*

    *Calls from abroad may incur charges.

  • Where can I find spare parts and how can I order them?
    With free use of the online store, Cargobull Parts & Services (www.cargobull-serviceportal.de) offers you a secure and convenient way of ordering. It lets you select from up to 80,000 components online. Should you have further questions, you can also reach us by phone on the Spare Parts Hotline: +49 2558 81 - 29 99 or via e-mail: ersatzteile@cargobull.com
  • How can I obtain information on price and availability?
    Register in our Service portal and we'll immediately send you your login details. Once you have logged in, you will find prices in the Product Search and availability under Stock Enquiry or in the shopping cart.
  • What is EPOS?
    The modules and brand-name components used in our semi-trailers are listed in the EPOS (Electronic Parts Ordering System), the complete Schmitz Cargobull spare parts documentation and ordering system. You can quickly and confidently identify the right part for your semi-trailer chassis. Like our online store, EPOS is part of our Service portal, enabling you to easily order spare parts online.
  • How can I return products I no longer need?
    Conveniently process returns online using the returns tool in the Service portal. Get in touch with your spare parts ordering contact with any questions about the returns tool: +49 2558 81 - 29 99 or via e-mail: ersatzteile@cargobull.com
  • Apart from Schmitz Cargobull-specific parts, can I also order other brand-name manufacturers' spare parts?
    You can order all parts relating to your trailer from us - including Schmitz Cargobull-specific body parts and, of course, all well-known brand-name manufacturers’ wearing parts. A one-stop solution. We'd be pleased to provide you with a special quotation for larger quantities of wearing parts. Contact us at the following e-mail address: Angebotswesen.Ersatzteile@Cargobull.com
  • How does a workshop obtain approval for the CRS system?
    Only our Service Partners who have concluded a workshop contract with us are approved for the Cargobull Repair System.
    Contact: E-mail: fullservice@cargobull.com
  • Where and how do I make a warranty claim?
    If you wish to make a warranty claim for a trailer, then kindly contact our central Customer Service at CWCM@cargobull.com
  • Where and how can I register for workshop training sessions and which sessions are available?
    For information on our workshop training courses for certified service partners, please visit https://campus.cargobull.com/ or college@cargobull.com
  • Where can I order spare parts?
    You can order spare parts in our online store in the Service portal:
    under "Trailer Parts Online"
  • Where can I find CI 'Corporate Identity' equipment for Service Partners?
    Please e-mail ASM-EU.Support@cargobull.com if you do not have login details for the store
  • How can I obtain help with technical questions about servicing or repair?
    Our Technical Service Hotline is available to you for all technical queries during our opening hours:
    Trailer: +49 2558 81 2888 or sp@cargobull.com
    Cooling unit: +49 2558 81 2588 or transportkaeltemaschine@cargobull.com
    Contact Cargobull Euro Service on 00800 24 227 462 855 in the event of a breakdown outside of office hours.
  • Why does TrailerConnect® telematics represent such innovative equipment, particularly in the S.KO Cool Smart?
    Because telematics in the trailer helps to make many monitoring and control processes for the semi-trailer and load more efficient and transparent, permitting considerable optimisation.
  • What benefits does an OEM system offer?
    All components are ideally connected to each other in the trailer and professionally installed in line with automotive standards. This creates a high level of quality and maximum system availability.
  • What should my trailer telematics system do in addition to giving the position?
    As well as specifying the location of the trailer, a trailer telematics system provides intelligent connectivity and fast diagnosis of all the components of the trailer, combined with reliable integrated temperature management. The right telematics systems enables processes to be optimised and transport safety improved.