Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

Schmitz Cargobull vehicles in use by our customers every day. Testimonials and application stories from customers for customers.

WP Holding

03.05.2024 - WP Holding develops and implements integrated logistics solutions consisting of combined forwarding, logistics and process consulting services.
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05.03.2024 - LC3 and Schmitz Cargobull cooperate for sustainable transport in Italy and launch a pioneering collaboration to promote environmentally-friendly transport solutions.
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13.12.2023 - British logistics service provider Manfreight is on the road with the UK's first fully electric S.KOe COOL from Schmitz Cargobull.
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EUBA relies on S.CS PAPER

03.11.2023 - With almost 100 semi-trailers, EUBA Logistic is a specialist in paper transport.
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MOPRO+CO Kühllogistik GmbH

19.09.2023 - MOPRO+CO Kühllogistik GmbH relies on fully electric refrigerated box from Schmitz Cargobull
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13.07.2023 - CoolerU brings fresh freight in top quality to any destination. 
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Trendsetter for sustainability

16.06.2023 - Bulgarian haulage firm EuroSpeed is having great success from the S.CS EcoFLEX curtainsider, with its adjustable rear and POWER CURTAIN tarpaulin. 
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P&S Logistics

17.05.2023 - P&S LOGISTICS - eye-catching, versatile and effective
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TSL Spedition

23.04.2023 - TSL Spedition ordered ten new S.CS EcoFLEX curtainsiders from the Schmitz Cargobull EcoGeneration.
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STI (Deutschland) GmbH

19.03.2023 - For almost two years now, the refrigerated transport company STI Germany has been using a fully electric trailer from Schmitz Cargobull.
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Horváth Rudolf

10.02.2023 - When the wheels are rolling, business is on the move - this is the motto of Horváth Rudolf Intertransport from Hungary.
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12.01.2023 - JCARRION, the Spanish specialist for Europe-wide refrigerated transport, is renewing its fleet with 335 refrigerated semi-trailer S.KO COOL and 70 curtainsider semi-trailer S.CS.
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Zenith Trailer Rentals

09.12.2022 - Trailer Expertise for the CEP Market in the UK
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25.11.2022 - Sustainable transport solutions from hylane - presentation of the first hydrogen-powered truck approved for road transport in Germany.
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Celik Logistik

11.11.2022 - Mustafa Celik of Celik Logistik is a man of action. With his new EcoFLEX trailer from the EcoGeneration he has already travelled to southern Ukraine this year. The reason: aid deliveries.
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LHT Lützen

The Ländliche Handels- und Transportgenossenschaft LHT Lützen eG (Rural Trade and Transport Co-operative Lützen) relies on the S.KI with the lightweight aluminium box body for its transport of grain, beets, lime and fertiliser.
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Albert Heijn and STI

21.07.2022 - E-mobility concepts for emission-free, temperature-controlled freight.  
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Full Service - Customer voices Romania

Schmitz Cargobull asked what Romanian customers like about the full service contracts. Here are some of the answers in brief:
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Transport companies Bode and Railcare

01.07.2022 - Flexible trailers for multi-modal transport
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Integre Trans

30.05.22 - Lithuanian transport company focuses on quality and sustainability 
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Arcese relies on the POWER CURTAIN PLUS from Schmitz Cargobull. The POWER CURTAIN PLUS body is not only prepared for tyre transport.
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Essen-based transport company Sauerbaum tests the Schmitz Cargobull S.KI SOLID tipper trailer.
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Mc Gregor Logistics

“Our vehicles are worked extensively but we know Schmitz Cargobull products are robust and durable enough that our loads aren’t going to incur any damage.” KEITH LAW, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MCGREGOR LOGISTICS
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TAE Transports i Serveis integrals

The Spanish transport and logistics company TAE Transports i Serveis integrals is reinforcing its fleet with 40 S.KO COOL SMART reefer with the EXECUTIVE PLUS package and is therefore once again relying on our technology and services.
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Stork Umweltdienste

06.10.2022 - Whether it's slag, scrap or large-volume bulk goods - with its variable and reliable S.KI semi-trailer tippers and W.KI swap bodies, the environmental services provider STORK from Magdeburg gets every load to its destination.
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Chiggiato trasporti Srl

Chiggiato Trasporti near Padua knows how to transport medicines.
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Hans Wormser AG

As one of several practical testers of the S.CS EcoFLEX curtainsider, a Schmitz Cargobull EcoGeneration vehicle, Hans Wormser AG, from Herzogenaurach, was able to confirm the aerodynamic vehicle's savings potential of up to 5%.
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Brunotir Transportes

The Portuguese company Brunotir Transportes is convinced of the S.CS MEGA VARIOS curtainsider for volume transports and has ordered another 17 new vehicles.
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“The Schmitz Cargobull build quality really is second to none… the assets are of the highest
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Woodside Haulage

HAVI Logistics

Schmitz Cargobull is supplying new articulated trucks to the logistics provider HAVI. The global player is able to look back on a special corporate history.
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Schmitz Cargobull is supplying new articulated trucks to the logistics provider HAVI.

KLV Rent Nutzfahrzeuge GesmbH

Austrian commercial vehicle rental company KLV Rent Nutzfahrzeuge GesmbH has added swap chassis from Schmitz Cargobull to its rental fleet.
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Sustainability is in the air

The aerodynamic curtainsiders of the S.CS EcoGeneration impress with their economical consumption, environmental friendliness and practicality. On the market for just under a year, the eye-catching curtainsider trailers are finding more and more friends among hauliers.
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The logistics company, Duvenbeck, and Schmitz Cargobull have been working together for more than 15 years. They have jointly developed the S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer, and Duvenbeck is so impressed with the TrailerConnect® telematics system CTU that it is now equipping its entire trailer fleet with it.
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Geiger Group

The Oberstdorf-based Geiger Group tests Schmitz Cargobull prototypes. This customer relationship also began with a test.
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The Geiger Group tests S.KI tipper semi-trailers

Pfenning Logistics Group

The Pfenning Logistics Group transports goods for food retailers with Schmitz Cargobull vehicles.

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The Pfenning Logistics Group transports goods in Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers.

Reich transport company

Reich transport company takes over curtainsider semi-trailers for EcoDuo combination. Philipp Reich, owner of Reich transport company from Vimfow, took ownership of two new vehicles equipped with a POWER CURTAIN.
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All fresh logistics

The Austrian specialist for secure transport jobs, All Fresh Logistics, uses telematics and a special door locking system from Schmitz Cargobull to make sure its valuable cargo arrives reliably at the customer without sustaining any damage.
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STI Freight Management

STI Freight Management is investing in the latest generation of S.KO COOL box body semi-trailers and is planning to gradually equip its entire fleet with the new Smart Trailer technology.
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STI Freight Management relies on S.KO COOL box body semi-trailers.

Orlando Ferreira

The partner companies Transportes Orlando Ferreira and Transportes Anjofer, which are based in Marteleira in Portugal, are convinced of the advantages of Schmitz Cargobull's Full Service contracts.
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orlando Fereira

J.S. Logistics

One-stop shop - that could be said to be the slogan for the partnership between J.S. Logistics from Kirkel in the Saarland region of Germany, and Schmitz Cargobull.
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Partnership between J.S. Logistics and Schmitz Cargobull