EUBA Logistic relies on S.CS PAPER

EUBA Logistic relies on S.CS PAPER

With almost 100 semi-trailers, EUBA is a specialist in paper transport.

The right quality, durability, reliability and ease of use

With almost 100 semi-trailers, EUBA Logistic is a specialist in paper transport. For this purpose, the Angermünde-based freight forwarder exclusively uses the S.CS PAPER curtainsider semi-trailers from Schmitz Cargobull, which are now also pulling electric tractor units to customers for the first time.

When it comes to paper, no one is fooling Ronald Garkisch. The graduate engineer in automotive engineering and head of EUBA Logistic in Angermünde has been transporting large, heavy rolls of paper with his 150-strong team across Germany for over 30 years and in the past also other parts of Europe. As a result, the 62-year-old has gained solid, trust-worthy, long lasting partners over the years, as if they were one big family. 
Traditionally, they run a loyal fleet with Volvo Trucks supplying the tractor units and Schmitz Cargobull supplying the trailers.  Ninety-eight EUBA semi-trailers roll through Germany every day in long-distance transport, four of which are nowfully electric. The first Volvo FH Elec-tric joined EUBA's fleet in May of this year. Shortly afterwards, the electric vehicle, with a maximum of 666 hp, was allowed to collect its Schmitz Cargobull S.CS PAPER trailer in Altenberge. Never before had an electric tractor unit rolled onto the factory premises in Münsterland, quietly and with zero emissions, to perform its "wedding" with the towed unit.

At EUBA, every connection between tractor and trailer is like a perfect marriage. Normally, the relationship lasts a lifetime, for better or worse. That's why Schmitz Cargobull's X-LIGHT curtainsiders are optimally equipped. In addition to a lifting roof for fast loading and unloading, the complete equipment of the EUBA curtainsiders also includes four Joloda steel rails embedded in the floor for easy loading of the paper rolls as well as a continuous lashing hole in the outer frame plus 16 pairs of lashing eyes for flexible load securing.

Various other load securing elements complete the ensemble. They are accommodated in the external stowage box at the front of the S.CS PAPER curtainsider, protected from wind and weather. There is no lack of safety equipment. All trailers are equipped with aluminium rims and energy-saving tyres with a tyre pressure monitoring system plus a tyre pressure filling system that continuously checks the air pressure in the tyres and corrects it if necessary. The regular tyre check is carried out by a local tyre dealer, who has taken over the complete tyre service for EUBA.

Thanks to Code XL certification for General Cargo plus a beverage certificate, the 130 or so EUBA drivers transport not only paper rolls for industry, but also waste paper, beverages of all kinds and other freight forwarding goods.
The 60,000-square-metre headquarters has its own warehouse for handling goods. Fluctuation among the truck drivers is a foreign word. They are part of the EUBA family and are treated as such, which is reflected in relatively high wages for the region, among other things. Every year, the fleet covers a good twelve million kilometres, which is almost 33 times the distance to the moon. The diesel trucks cover about 11,000 kilometres per month and the four electric tractors achieve very similarmileage in long-distance transport, clocking up to 10,000 kilometres per month.

"We're doing very well with the trailers from Schmitz Cargobull. The quality, durability, reliability, and ease of use are just right. The advice from our long-standing customer advisor Benjamin Bröderdörp is first-class. Even after signing the contract, he is always there for us and informs us immediately about any technical innovation," says Ronald Garkisch. He is also full of praise when he talks about the financing of his curtainsider fleet through Cargobull Finance. Christian Witthake from Schmitz Cargobull's financing division is an valuable contact and handles his hire-purchase contracts quickly, courteously, and fairly for both sides. 

The same applies to the maintenance contracts concluded. The Basic Service Trailer contract from Schmitz Cargobull is an excellent fit for EUBA, which no longer has to worry about the costs for the replacement and wear of all brake and axle components, including EBS. Frank Elkmann from Cargobull Parts & Services recommended the service contract after a comprehensive fleet analysis. For all services and the legally required inspections, the firmly married vehicle combinations always roll together to Berlin-Wildau to the Volvo Group Trucks service centre or, if necessary, to another of the 1,700 Schmitz Cargobull service points in Europe. 

EUBA does not have its own workshop. Instead, it has its own filling station with all the nec-essary fluids such as diesel, Adblue and oil. Garkisch has purchased a fast charger with a maximum output of 300 kW and two connections for the electric trucks. His plans include at least ten such charging stations and even more electric trucks. He acknowledges the social responsibility and strictly focuses on sustainability. The electricity for the electric tractor unit is supplied by a photovoltaic system including energy storage on the company premises. This makes EUBA almost 100 per cent self-sufficient in electricity. 

Ronald Garkisch usually buys a dozen new tractor units and just as many new Schmitz Cargobull curtainsiders every year. This year there were as many as 18 new semi-trailer tractors, also because of the additional electric tractors. This number is to be repeated in the coming year, provided that the influx of further e-tractor units remains secure.