Box body trailers

Box trailer with impressive handling, optimum space capacity and greater safety, even when loaded unevenly.
Distribution traffic in temperature-controlled transport with the A.KO COOL box body trailer.


Keep your freshness promise with a FERROPLAST® box body trailer. Equipped with side doors or double-decker system, the A.KO COOL box body trailer is the ideal vehicle for temperature-controlled urban transport.
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Reliable distribution transport with the Z.KO COOL central axle trailer.


Z.KO COOL central axle box body trailers are the solution for urban transport. Combining them with the M.KO COOL as a truck box body to form a through-loading trailer saves time, as the complete vehicle can be loaded and unloaded in one operation. The through-loading trailer also saves space when there are only a limited number of loading ramps available at refrigerated warehouses.
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Efficiently handle distribution transport work.


Z.KO EXPRESS central axle box body trailers offer a solution for dry freight transport for distribution transport in urban logistics and long-distance transportation as a through-loading trailer.
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