General cargo

Versatile trailers that remain reliable, safe and secure even under the toughest conditions. Fast loading procedures and effective load securing to reduce downtime.
S.CS Universal curtainsider semi-trailer - robust, flexible with universal uses


The S.CS UNIVERSAL curtainsider semi-trailer is the proven, cost-efficient all-rounder for general cargo transport. Optimum use of the loading space, intelligent solutions for fast loading, and simple load securing, make it a completely all-purpose curtainsider semi-trailer.
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Short journey times and optimum utilisation of the cargo area are crucial in general cargo transport. The M.CS curtainsider truck is extremely efficient, combining a high load capacity with outstanding manoeuvrability. Well though-out loading and unloading solutions deliver further time-savings.
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The S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer is setting the standard in bulk transport.


The S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer with VARIOS body is ideal for a fleet including low-liner and standard tractor units. Its adjustable ride height means that it can be flexibly adapted to any coupling height.
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Z.CS central axle curtainsider


Z.CS central axle curtainsiders trailers are the perfect addition to curtainsider trucks. As a high-volume truck body and trailer combination with a through-loading function, the Z.CS central axle curtainsider trailer provides rear loading and unloading as well as side loading/unloading. Your general cargo freight will be transported safely and reliably with simple and convenient load securing options.
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straight front wall for form-fitting loading


S.CS FIXED ROOF curtainsider semi-trailers are the ideal trailer to meet UK requirements. With higher permitted total weights and overall heights, the larger cargo space can be utilised even more effectively in general cargo transport to meet customers' needs.
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