Insurance policies

Insurance policies

Insurance solutions from the industry expert. Schmitz Cargobull insurance brokers can offer you a range of solutions, from legal protection, third-party insurance, to comprehensive or partial coverage and fleet insurance, all at attractive rates.
Insurance solutions from the industry expert.
  • Trailers
  • Complete truck-trailer combinations
  • Fleet
  • Legal protection for Fleet Managers
  • Legal insurance for traffic infractions
  • Traffic liability insurance
The S.CS MEGA curtainsider semi-trailer is setting the standard in bulk transport.


Straightforward insurance: Appropriate quotes for every trailer

Benefit: the easy way to insure your trailer.

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Your complete truck-trailer combination as a single unit.

Solo trailer and complete truck-trailer combination

As a Schmitz Cargobull customer, you have the options of insuring your semi-trailer with us at fixed premiums 'solo' without the truck, or if required, as a complete truck-trailer combination.

Benefit: Stand-alone or truck/trailer combination - you decide.

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Fleet insurance.


We are pleased to produce tailored quotes for fleets of 10 or more vehicles.

Benefit: we'll always get you the best quote.

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Well-prepared in the event of a dispute.

Legal protection for Fleet Managers

In the event of a dispute, Fleet Managers are well-equipped with our legal protection insurance.

Benefit: well-prepared in the event of a dispute.

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Legal protection for owners and holders.

Legal insurance for traffic infractions

Legal protection for the owner, and for authorised drivers and passengers of the insured semi-trailer. We're there to help should anything happen.

Benefit: anything can happen at any time - and we're here to help.

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We're here to help if something goes wrong during transport.

Traffic liability insurance

In the event of a claim, justified claims need to be settled and unjustified claims rejected.

Benefit: we're here to help if something goes wrong during transport.

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Full Service & Protection

Full Service & Protection: One rate - everything included

Everything covered with one rate, one invoice, one contact person: Schmitz Cargobull offers a unique combination of full service and insurance cover. Full Service covers the costs of maintenance and wear and tear. "-Protection-" as an insurance with all-risk cover comprehensively covers violent damage as well as own and third-party fault.

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  • Is stand-alone trailer insurance possible?
    Schmitz Cargobull offers its customers liability and comprehensive insurance cover where the trailer can be insured at fixed unit premiums without the tractor unit.
  • Can I insure my entire fleet?
    Schmitz Cargobull works with all major commercial vehicle insurers to ensure optimum conditions. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer for your fleet

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