Paper and steel rolls

Schmitz Cargobull has two trailers specifically designed for the transport of heavy rolls with its S.CS COIL curtainsider semi-trailer and S.CS PAPER curtainsider semi-trailer. The focus is on a high payload, safe transport and protection of goods.
The optimum transport of steel coils or split strips with the S.CS COIL curtainsider semi-trailer


S.CS COIL curtainsider semi-trailers are the perfect trailers for the transport of steel coils or split strips. The S.CS COIL easily handles heavy loads with high point loads. To provide greater flexibility, the coil well can be covered so the trailer can transport other goods.
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Rolls of paper present major challenges for the transport sector. They are heavy and extremely susceptible to damage caused by moisture and mechanical loading. S.CS PAPER curtainsider semi-trailers provide a high payload and diverse options for the reliable paper roll load securing.
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