Robust, flexible with universal uses: higher payloads, shorter load times and simple load securing - that's the Schmitz Cargobull S.CS UNIVERSAL curtainsider semi-trailer.
S.CS Universal curtainsider semi-trailer - robust, flexible with universal uses
  • Chassis
  • Running gear
The MODULOS chassis offers greater reserves of power

MODULOS chassis

The MODULOS chassis provides greater reserves of strength with its higher distributed load and optimised weight. A robust trailer frame with single-section roll-formed I-beams provides excellent stability without thermal deformation.
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Ramp package Rear

Ramp package Rear package protects rear portal and head frame from damage during loading. It consists of reinforcement of the head frame in the chassis as well as delta steel ramp bars and compressible roller ramp buffers. The compressible roller ramp buffers compensate for vertical movements under load and absorb impact shocks. The trailer body is protected and the impact force is directed into the chassis.

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The rubber bumpers protect the semi-trailer body when approaching the ramp

Standard rubber bumper

As the trailer is approaching a ramp, the rubber bumpers protect the trailer body from damage by bumps, and impact shocks are dampened. The bumpers prevent expensive and time-consuming repairs.
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The rubber bumpers prevent damage to the rear portal of the curtainsider semi-trailer

Roller corner bumper

Roller corner bumpers compensate for vertical motion during loading and unloading on the ramp. The rubber bumpers prevent damage to the rear portal, protecting the semi-trailer.
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The continuous combination of bumper and steel bumper strip protect the semi-trailer in the event of impact shocks.

Ram protection

When it is exposed to impact shocks, the trailer is protected by the steel corner bumpers with continuous delta steel bumper strips. This continuous combination of bumper and steel bumper strip evenly transfers the forces.
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Running gear
  • Page
  • Interior
  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Roof
  • $name
  • Height adjustment

Double-decker system

Use the double-decker system to maximise your use of the cargo space with freight that cannot be stacked. With 50 mm spacings, the system can be adapted to the specific load, creating a flexible second loading level.
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LED interior lighting

With new LED light strips in our curtainsider semi-trailers, the interior is now even better illuminated and ensures improved safety when loading and unloading at any time of day.
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Aerodynamic stowage box

The lightweight and aerodynamically shaped stowage box ensures optimum airflow and also saves fuel. In practical tests, additional savings of up to three percent were achieved. The new design offers more storage space, especially for spare wheels.
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Bulkhead with lashing eyes on the inside of the corner profiles for simplified load securing.
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Height adjustment
  • Tyre pressure systems
  • Brake pad wear indicator
  • Flashing side marking lights
  • Electronic ramp approach aid
Pressure monitoring system 
Control and timely information on tyre pressure with the tyre pressure system

Tyre re-pressurisation system

The tyre re-pressurisation system checks the tyre pressure and automatically inflates the tyre if required. This results in lower tyre wear and improved driving characteristics.
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The Schmitz Cargobull tyre pressure control system.

Pressure monitoring system

The tyre pressure monitoring system displays when you need to top up air into a tyre. The correct tyre pressure reduces wear and tear while saving fuel due to improved rolling resistance.
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Brake pad wear indicator
Brake pads always in sight

Brake pad wear indicator

The wear display signals at an early stage when a brake pad needs replacement, ensuring greater safety in road traffic and avoiding downtime and high consequential costs.
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Flashing side marking lights
2016-308 Flashing side marking lights.

Flashing side marking lights

The flashing side marking lights (SML) help to avoid accidents when turning. When the driver indicates, the side marking lights on the semi-trailer also flash, signalling to other road users that the vehicle is about to turn.
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Electronic ramp approach aid
Information on resetting with the electronic ramp approach aid

Electronic ramp approach aid

The electronic ramp approach aid assists drivers when approaching loading ramps. Once reverse gear has been engaged, the system uses visual and audible signals to inform the driver of the distance remaining behind the vehicle. When the semi-trailer is nearing the ramp, the trailer brakes independently.
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  • Restraint
  • Lashing points and aids
  • Non-slip floor
Lashing points and aids
Non-slip floor
Non-slip floor increases the safety of goods and prevents slipping

Non-slip floor

Load securing is made easier with the certified non-slip floor with black plastic coating. Your load stays in a fixed position and loose non-slip mats are now a thing of the past.
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Just-in-time without stress - delivering on time with TrailerConnect®

Advantages for the dispatcher

  • Better planning and forward-looking action thanks to real-time transport data
  • More transparency for all parties involved
  • Efficient processes
  • Alarm messages in case of unforeseen events
  • The customer receives automatic status information on his freight order

Advantages for the fleet manager

  • Efficient processes and perfect quality of goods
  • Monitoring of fleet transport orders in a central view
  • Efficient utilisation of the trailer fleet and reduced costs through forward planning
  • Clearly structured reports on fleet usage simplify planning 
  • Fast communication in case of questions

Advantages for the driver

  • Early notification of possible breakdowns in the beSmart app
  • All important information always at hand

Customer satisfaction included - with the TrailerConnect® Portal

Plan and monitor just-in-time transports centrally in the TrailerConnect® portal.
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  • Safety in swap transport
    − Ensure the correct combination with truck identification and coupling status.
    − PIN-protected immobiliser prevents misuse and theft
    − The vehicle is only moved by authorised persons
  • This is how tour information is transmitted in a secure way
    − Transfer real-time data on tour status and arrival time via TrailerConnect® Data Management Center
    (DMC) to the client's real-time visibility systems
    − Route planning with automated functions, e.g. automatic route start with geofence in TrailerConnect® TourTrack Detailed information on DMC and TourTrack on pages
  • This reduces fuel and CO2 consumption
    − Eco sensor monitors the roof position of the rear of the aerodynamic trailers S.CS EcoFLEX and S.CS EcoVARIOS for fuel efficient transport
    − Sensor position is displayed in the TrailerConnect® portal and in the beSmart driver app
  • Assist to monitor the load in the trailer
    − Active bluetooth responders on load carriers inform about the current location of the goods
    − Sensors in the trailers report the tracked load carriers to the TrailerConnect® portal
    − Use free cargo space efficiently and avoid incorrect deliveries
  • Support with advance planning and keeping to deadlines
    − Monitor tyre pressure and trailer for more trailer uptime and just-in-time deliveries
    − Plan workshop appointments in advance for optimal route planning and efficient fleet deployment
    − Proactive maintenance saves costs


Comprehensive certifications for your safety in day-to-day transportation work.

  • Internal body length13.62 / 15m
  • Intenal body width2,480mm
  • Internal body height*up to 3,050mm
  • Pallet spaces34 / 37 / 40Euro pallets or 26 ISO pallets
* depending on the coupling height and the statutory conditions.

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