Less than 365 days until the mandatory tyre pressure monitoring system - future-proofing your vehicle fleet with the TrailerConnect® tyre pressure monitoring system.

Less than 365 days until the mandatory tyre pressure monitoring system - future-proofing your vehicle fleet with the TrailerConnect® tyre pressure monitoring system.

The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for your fleet indicates as soon as tyre pressures deviate. With the TrailerConnect® telematics system, all tyre pressure data can be accessed quickly.

What does UN ECE R 141 mean?

From 06 July 2024, all trailers newly registered for traffic must be equipped with tyre pressure monitoring. This brings numerous advantages that not only increase your safety, but also contribute to cost savings and higher availability of your vehicles.

The UN ECE R 141 precisely prescribes the functional scope of the tyre pressure monitoring system:

  • Mandatory equipment: According to ECE 141, all new vehicles over 3.5 t must have a functioning TPMS. 
  • Warning in case of pressure loss: The TPMS must be able to warn the driver immediately in case of deviation from the specified threshold value.
  • Sudden loss of pressure incl. message: Deviations from the tyre pressure from 20% and when theminium pressure of 150kPA is reached must be isued with a message after 60 minutes of accumulated driving time at the latest.
  • Visual warning indication: The warning must be indicated by a visual warning signal (e.g. indicator light).

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Difficult to pronounce, easy to fulfil. 


With the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and TrailerConnect® telematics. Regardless of the model and even before the mandatory introduction of UN ECE R 141 in July 2024, Schmitz Cargobull equips every trailer with TPMS sensors and TrailerConnect® control unit as standard. 

For dispatchers 

For drivers

For fleet managers

TrailerConnect® Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Informed ahead of time - The TPMS monitors tyre pressure in real time and warns you immediately if a tyre is underinflated. By receiving an early warning via the TrailerConnect® portal, email and SMS as well as the beSmart app, you can avoid potential punctures and accidents.

Retrofitting existing vehicles with TPMS and benefiting from the advantages

We offer high-quality retrofit kits for the retrofitting of tyre pressure monitoring systems.

TPMS retrofit kits for your trailers

Used vehicles that you already have in use and do not yet have a TPMS can be easily retrofitted. Our high-quality TPMS solutions have been specially developed for retrofitting used trailers.
More about:TPMS retrofit kits for your trailers
TPMS retrofitting
The equipment for the complete undercarriage is supplied as a set
The sensor is simply inserted into the belt pocket
Secure fastening of the belt in the tyre directly on the rim (schematic diagram)
  • What exactly is meant by overall approval?
    Overall approval means that the entire system must always be approved in accordance with the ECE R141 regulation. This consists of the trailer, the EBS, the TrailerConnect® telematics unit  CTU/CTU Pro and the TPMS sensors.
  • Does the TPMS obligation also apply to the existing fleet, i.e. trailers registered before July 2024?
    No, the obligation applies to all trailers registered from July 2024. There is currently no retrofitting obligation.
  • In which countries is TPMS mandatory?

    The ECE R141 has been signed by the following countries:

    All EU member states
    Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus.

    Non-EU countries / non-European countries
    Serbia, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, North Macedonia, Andorra, Ukraine, Albania, Armenia, Japan, 
    Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan
    Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Montenegro, San Marino, Tunisia, Georgia, Egypt.

  • Will the optional spare wheel also be fitted with a sensor?
    Yes, the spare wheel is also equipped with a sensor so that in the event of a spontaneous tire change (such as a flat tire on the highway) the regulation is fulfilled and the full customer benefit is available.
  • Does the TPMS have to be switched on/activated by the customer ex-works?
    No, the customer can use the system directly. It is put into operation during the production process and is then immediately available.
  • Does the customer have to make any settings for transmission to the truck?
    If the trailer of the customer has a factory-fitted TPMS, the customer does not have to activate or set anything on the part of the trailer. The system has been commissioned at the factory and is therefore immediately ready for use. The transmission takes place automatically when the truck and trailer are connected via CAN bus.

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