The SMART Generation

The SMART Generation

Modular construction kit with rolled, galvanised longitudinal beams as the basis for individual customer solutions at the highest industry standard: from low empty weight to heavy duty with numerous body variants such as the lathless POWER CURTAIN body to the SPEED CURTAIN quick-opening tarpaulin, all with standard TrailerConnect® telematics.

100% SMART as the new standard

Every S.CS curtainsider semi-trailer is equipped with the TrailerConnect® CTU telematics system as standard

New Chassis Generation

The modular system for customised transport solutions

S.CS chassis with X-LIGHT equipment


Fitted with X-LIGHT equipment, you can be sure that your tractor units never pull more weight more than necessary. With a tare weight of 4,975 kg, the S.CS UNIVERSAL X-LIGHT SMART curtainsider semi-trailer reduces fuel costs, particularly for short and mid-range transport with frequent acceleration and braking.
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POWER CURTAIN for tyre transport


Strong, safe, fast. A high-strength, slat-less structure that is fully certified: New with maturity certificate for increased body strength with additional equipment - Ideal for Gpter, whose positive load securing puts a lot of strain on the side tarpaulin. The S.CS curtainsider semitrailers with POWER CURTAIN meet the requirements of DIN EN 12642 Code XL just as easily as the additional requirements for drinks and DL directive 9.5.
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