A safe bet

A safe bet

Whether it's slag, scrap or large-volume bulk goods - with its variable and reliable S.KI semi-trailer tippers and W.KI swap bodies, the environmental services provider STORK from Magdeburg gets every load to its destination.

The recycling company doesn’t compromise on the quality of its vehicle fleet.

When it comes to recycling, recovery and disposal, Magdeburg's number one company is STORK Umweltdienste. Founded 25 years ago, the firm operates various processing plants and uses mobile recycling technology for slag processing. It is a leader in the highly efficient recovery of metallic raw materials such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel. 

But that's not all. To offer customers complete solutions, STORK is also active in the field of demolition and earthworks. Construction waste can be removed by STORK using modern transport logistics and recycled straight away. Even the handling of hazardous waste is no problem for the environmental service provider from the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. Thanks to a trimodal connection by road, rail and its own loading quay, with access to the Elbe and Mittelland Canal, STORK is not only well-positioned logistically but also its own port location is technically very well-equipped for the processing of dredged material and concrete sludge.

The recycling company doesn’t compromise on the quality of its vehicle fleet. "Our entire fleet includes about 600 modern vehicles and construction machines," reports fleet manager Danilo Till. 
STORK uses the S.KI tipper from Schmitz Cargobull to transport slag from waste to energy plants, or to move scrap and large-volume bulk materials. Slag is removed by a total of 20 S.KI tippers with 26 and 33 cubic metre skips. Scrap and bulk materials are taken by two tippers with 55 cubic metre skip volumes. A sliding curtain semi-trailer and several W.KI bulk rail containers complete the Schmitz Cargobull portfolio.

"The cooperation with Schmitz Cargobull in the area of tipper trailers has always gone smoothly over the past 10 years," says Till. And as the trailers are subjected to quite a bit of stress in their job, the trained forwarding merchant is keen to emphasise the reliability of the vehicles: "What really makes the Schmitz Cargobull tippers stand out is their low susceptibility to faults in the electrics and running gear."