“The Schmitz Cargobull build quality really is second to none… the assets are of the highest quality and safety standards.” MARK WOODSIDE, MANAGING DIRECTOR, WOODSIDE HAULAGE

Case Study: Woodside Haulage

Woodside Haulage transports a range of goods in the retail, FMCG, construction, packaging and recycling industries between the UK and Ireland for manufacturers, retailers and industry. As a result, the logistic and supply management specialist needs trailers that are reliable and robust enough to withstand ferry crossings seven-days-a-week. The business, which has 50 years’  experience and is part of the Woodside Logistics Group, has depots in Ballynure, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and Preston.

To cope with increasing demand while maintaining low total cost of ownership, Woodside Haulage has doubled its number of Schmitz Cargobull trailers, adding another 20 fixed-roof curtainsiders to its fleet. Each is built on the high-tech modular chassis made up of a mix of galvanised steel and aluminium, making the trailers extremely robust against chipping and corrosion as well as
being easy to maintain. They have also been specified with additional lighting and rear-mounted dock proximity sensors for enhanced safety. Another draw for Woodside Haulage was the fact that
all assets are subject to rigorous testing before they are approved for series production. The Schmitz Cargobull Validation Centre (CVC) puts all prototypes through a range of tests under a mix of tough conditions; including using hydropulsers to simulate distances of one million kilometres across different road types. Products are only launched once all everyday requirements are met. The precision manufactured trailers are also renowned for maintaining high residual values.


Managing Director of Woodside Haulage, Mark Woodside, says: “We ship goods on ferries and our trailers are worked rigorously and extensively on an intensive schedule, so we need absolute  confidence they are of the highest quality. The Schmitz Cargobull build quality really is second to none. The fully galvanised chassis gives full protection against corrosion and we know they will maintain a good cosmetic appearance throughout their life. We have trailers that remain in service for up to 15 years and we are confident this will be the case with these latest additions.” He adds: “Safety is another key factor for us, and we’ve added extra options to the trailers to make sure we are maximising driver welfare and load security during transit. “For us, the fact that all Schmitz Cargobull products go through rigorous testing gives us assurance that the assets are of the highest quality and safety standards.”