“Our vehicles are worked extensively but we know Schmitz Cargobull products are robust and durable enough that our loads aren’t going to incur any damage.” KEITH LAW, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MCGREGOR LOGISTICS


International haulier McGregor Logistics prides itself on providing an all-encompassing and efficient service when it comes to transport, warehousing and logistics. Established in 2006, the business works across mainland UK and Ireland with depots in Warsworth, Doncaster, Cardiff and at Tilbury Docks, transporting and storing a wide range of goods including full loads, part loads and pallet distribution. The team also supplies and transports Biomass – a fuel developed from organic material such as wood, waste, crops, landfill gas and alcohol fuels. As a result, McGregor Logistics requires a robust and reliable fleet of curtainsiders and reefers, with optimal payload capacity.

Today, McGregor Logistics’ fleet is more than 70 per cent Schmitz Cargobull, including 30 dual-temp units and 70 fixed roof curtainsider trailers. The business was the first to take on the  manufacturer’s newest fixed-roof curtainsiders, which comply with DIN EN 12642 Code XL load security regulations and feature a bulkhead specific for the British market. The assets feature wrap-around curtains and an aluminium front bulkhead with galvanised steel front and rear corner posts – a set-up favoured by UK operators as it enables standard-spec forklifts to load through the side aperture without requiring a side-shift capability. The MODULOS bolted chassis, designed for extra strength and durability, has a 10-year warranty against rust-through on all galvanised parts. The curtainsiders also feature stacker ramming protection, lashing eyes along the outer frame and Schmitz Cargobull’s own ROTOS axis unit which comes with a 1,000,000 km warranty. To enable easy loading and unloading, the trailers are fitted with Dhollandia tail-lifts with platform warning lights and trolley stops. Managing Director, Keith Law, who has more than 35 years’ experience in logistics, says: “We have been running Schmitz Cargobull trailers for many years because they simply have the best build quality. The trailers are the lightest we have come across, allowing for greater payload,
the extensive lashing points make it easier for us to carry the diverse range of goods that we handle. “Our vehicles are worked extensively but we know Schmitz Cargobull products are robust and durable enough that our loads aren’t going to incur any damage.”

Using Schmitz Cargobull trailers has minimised downtime and significantly reduced costs for McGregor Logistics, both in terms of delivering goods and through lower spend on repair and maintenance. The lightweight design of Schmitz Cargobull trailers means higher payload capacity resulting in fewer journeys which proves valuable for all deliveries, especially delivering turf to the Olympic Stadium and major football pitches as the trailer can carry up to 28 tonnes of turf in each load. The firm expects to keep the trailers in use for up to 15 years and when repairs are needed, McGregor Logistics
relies on Schmitz Cargobull Parts and Services team to rapidly provide replacement components. Keith Law says: “Whenever we have needed anything to be replaced, the turnaround has been  incredible. Generally, we have delivery within 24 hours ensuring maximum uptime for our fleet which is crucial for our service levels.”