Top qualit-E!

Top qualit-E!

British logistics service provider Manfreight is on the road with the UK's first fully electric S.KOe COOL from Schmitz Cargobull, offering a 100 per cent emission-free solution for its temperature-controlled transport operations.

Emission-free solution for temperature-controlled transport

"The launch of the S.KOe COOL is an important milestone for us. In conjunction with the Volvo FM Electric truck, we can now offer our customers a fully electric transport combination. This is a clear sign that we are taking our ambitious goal of running an emission-free operation by 2045 very seriously," says Chris Slowey, Managing Director at Manfreight

Manfreight will utilise the S.KOe COOL refrigerated box body to transport food and pharmaceutical products throughout Ireland and the UK, providing a sustainable service to its large customer base.

The S.KOe COOL semi-trailer is equipped with an all-electric refrigeration unit with integrated power electronics, a high-voltage battery and an electric generator axle, making it emission-free. The electrified vehicle is also extremely quiet, enabling deliveries in urban areas in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening.

The electrically powered S.CU ep85 cooling unit is designed for emission-free cooling and heating of the cargo and offers a cooling capacity of up to 15,800 watts and a heating capacity of 10,500 watts. Batteries on the support wind turbine replace the diesel tank and also offer the option of installing an additional pallet box with space for 36 pallets.

The electrified Schmitz Cargobull trailer axle recuperates energy during braking, among other things, thus extending the operating time of the refrigeration machine and reducing the recharging times of the battery via the power grid. "While the trailer is travelling, it virtually supplies itself with electricity," adds Slowey. "It's a really fascinating piece of technology."
Manfreight is one of Ireland's largest privately owned logistics companies. From its headquarters in Craigavon and strategically located sites across the UK and Ireland, it supplies dry freight, fresh produce and frozen products to the retail sector in ambient, chilled and frozen food.