Flexible trailers for multi-modal transport

Flexible trailers for multi-modal transport

Freight forwarders Bode, from Reinfeld near Lübeck, and Swiss intermodal specialist Railcare rely on Schmitz Cargobull for flexible trailers that can be used in multi-modal transport.

The signals in combined transport are green. According to the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, forecasts predict that by 2030 the volume of goods transported in combined transport will increase by 79.3 percent compared to 2010. Even though the rapid change between road and rail places high demands on the trailers used in terms of freight safety and flexibility, Schmitz Cargobull products have been proving their worth in tough everyday haulage operations for decades.

S.KO COOL SMART as strong as an ox
The Bode haulage company from Reinfeld near Lübeck also appreciates the equipment. “The S.KO COOL SMART semitrailer box with its self-supporting body is optimally equipped for fast and damage-free rail loading,” says Kai Bode, managing partner of Spedition Bode. He should know, because his company loads trucks onto the railway three times a week in Lübeck, which are then transported intermodally to Verona, Stockholm or the Lehrte mega-hub.
Bode particularly appreciates the high stability and strength of the FERROPLAST® superstructure for frozen and dry freight. “The reinforcements in the floor and side walls can easily cope with the stresses of rail and transhipment operations,” says the experienced forwarder. The box body also has large stainless steel scuff plates over the gripper edges in the area of the crane gripper mounts. “This gives the box body additional protection,” confirms the North German entrepreneur with satisfaction.
In addition to its load capacity, the S.KO COOL SMART is characterised by its flexibility of use. In the DB version, the codification profile P400 is complied with at a clear internal height of 2,700 mm. This means that transport is possible on most European railway lines. In addition, the trailers are codified according to the internationally valid ILU code, which makes the lengthy BIC code registration unnecessary and gets the trailer on the rails quickly.

Railcare appreciates the W.KO COOL swap body
Railcare, the Swiss specialist for combined transport based in Härkingen, relies on the Schmitz Cargobull W.KO COOL swap body. This is equipped with the S.CUe electric refrigeration unit and is used for food transport within Switzerland. The W.KO COOL also have the TrailerConnect® telematics system from Schmitz Cargobull. This has many practical advantages: “Especially with the standardised swap bodies, this simplifies maintenance, repair and spare parts procurement. Due to the user-friendliness, we can keep instruction and training times for employees within reasonable limits and the practicality creates safety and increases the availability of the equipment,” says Philipp Wegmüller, CEO at Railcare.

S.CS curtainsider semi-trailer: Made for the railways
Schmitz Cargobull's product range for combined transport does not stop at the S.KO COOL SMART semi-trailers. The curtainsider semitrailers S.CS UNIVERSAL, S.CS PAPER, S.CS COIL and S.CS MEGA (as VARIOS with up to 3,000 mm interior height) are also perfectly prepared in DB equipment for rail transport in all standard pocket wagons – and also with the slatless and quick-opening POWER CURTAIN side curtain.
The POWER CURTAIN has a reinforced tarpaulin that guarantees a body strength according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and is designed for speeds of up to 140 km/h. For transport in European and non-European countries, the rail-compatible S.CS curtainsider semi-trailers are optionally available with a TIR lock, which makes fast and uncomplicated border clearance possible. All S.CS curtainsider semi-trailers have an internal height of at least 2,700 mm and meet the P386 codification height for wagon types P a to h.