Busy lightweight

Busy lightweight

The Ländliche Handels- und Transportgenossenschaft LHT Lützen eG (Rural Trade and Transport Co-operative Lützen) relies on the S.KI with the lightweight aluminium box body for its transport of grain, beets, lime and fertiliser.

The weighing system allows the driver to determine and document the vehicle’s payload directly at the place of loading.

The Lützen Rural Trade and Transport Cooperative (LHT) never runs out of work. After the region’s farmers have been assisted in the harvesting of their summer crops, sugar beets must be transported to the sugar factories in autumn and winter. And because a harvester’s work is never done, the employees of the Saxony-Anhalt-based cooperative spread lime and fertilizer on the fields in late winter and spring to ensure that good harvesting can be undertaken again in the following year. 

Cooperative Director Jens Keil can rely on his 30 S.KI tipper semi-trailers with an aluminium box body for his harvesting operations. The bodies, measuring up to 49 m3, offer a low unladen weight. “This allows us to transport substantially more payload per trip,” Keil says. “And the high-volume tippers with their modern equipment are also easy for drivers to operate.” The 50-year-old is particularly proud of one thing: “We have worked with the new on-board weighing system from the very beginning.” The weighing system allows the driver to determine and document the vehicle’s payload directly at the place of loading. The determined loading data can be called up by the driver immediately after the weighing process. “This allows us to optimise the utilization of our tippers, save fuel and reduce wear,” he adds. 

The LHT Lützen was founded in the GDR in 1973 as the Agrochemical Centre (ACZ). Since 1992 the agricultural service company has continued to exist as a cooperative. Production costs are rising exorbitantly in the agricultural sector, as in other industries, representing a real challenge. “It is all the more important for us that the Schmitz Cargobull tippers offer a very good price-performance ratio,” explains Keil, who is also responsible for the cooperative’s fleet and vehicle scheduling in the cooperative. As they have their own workshop in Lützen, they are also enthusiastic about the prompt and reliable spare parts deliveries from Schmitz Cargobull. “We have an excellent relationship with our sales contact at Schmitz Cargobull. The fact that we’ve been working together for more than 20 years really says it all.”