CoolerU brings fresh freight in top quality to any destination. This is helped not only by the TrailerConnect® telematics system integrated ex works in the 20 new S.KO COOL refrigerated boxes, but also by the numerous additional services in the Schmitz Cargobull range.

S.KO COOL are used for food transport in the fresh and ultra-fresh sector

Food transport company CoolerU from Bremen has no lack of self-confidence. ‘We are revolutionising transport logistics’ - that is the motto the company uses on its website. In doing so, the Hanseatic company not only relies on values such as experience, teamwork and respect for employees, but also presents itself as a state-of-the-art company for which digitisation, automation and transparency are the main pillars of the business.

These words are followed up by actions. "I chose Schmitz Cargobull because we need 100% performance every day," says shareholder Chris Ortiz.
What he means by this quickly becomes clear. The 20 S.KO COOL trailers, featuring the telematics system, that were recently ordered are ideally suited to CoolerU's food transports in the fresh and ultra-fresh sector. This is because the S.KO COOL not only offers low total cost of ownership, but also maximum safety for the cargo. 

"Safe handling of temperature-controlled freight and short turnaround times at the ramp are important benefits for us," explains Ortiz.

The S.KO COOL ensures the quality of the refrigerated cargo thanks to its new air distribution system, which is optimised for the economical S.CU V2.0 refrigeration machine and enables efficient and uniform temperature control inside the case. The S.CU V2.0 with efficient common rail diesel engine and the new performance mode scores with up to 15% reduced fuel consumption. The FERROPLAST® body provides optimum insulation, is resistant to aging and also splinter-proof. In addition to the future-oriented trailer hardware, it is above all the TrailerConnect® telematics system, including the Cargobull Telematics Portal and the numerous additional services from Schmitz Cargobull, that guarantee the logistics provider's performance.

"The contract lease agreement for the S.KO COOL makes us very flexible due to the short terms of up to two years and reduces the investment risk. In addition, we always have a state-of-the-art vehicle," says freight forwarding professional Ortiz. 

The company has repair and maintenance contracts for the vehicles' refrigeration units, as Schmitz Cargobull's extensive service network guarantees that any repairs can be carried out faster than anywhere else. The entire fleet, including cars, is also insured through the Cargobull Insurance Broker. 

Without modern telematics, however, this would only be half the battle. Ortiz adds: "Thanks to TrailerConnect® and the Cargobull Telematics Portal, we always know exactly where and in what condition our goods are and can pass this information on to our customers at any time."
CoolerU’s trailer fleet already consists of almost 100% Schmitz Cargobull vehicles. The company intends to continue on the path of innovation in the future: "The MonoTemp vehicles will be joined in the future by boxes with a two-chamber system. We are also planning to use the electric refrigeration machine and the e-axle from Schmitz Cargobull," concludes CoolerU boss Ortiz, looking to the future.