With the EcoDuo concept, Schmitz Cargobull campaigns for the Europe-wide introduction of a transport concept that reduces CO2 emissions despite increasing transport volumes.

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Compared to the current standard (one trailer on a tractor unit):


A ground-breaking long-distance concept

The EcoDuo combination consists of two conventional semi-trailers coupled to one tractor. The two standard semi-trailers are connected to each other by a dolly trailer. The total weight of the tractor unit and trailer remains at 40 tonnes. The towing weight of the second trailer can vary and reach 36 tonnes, for example.



Green Truck Future Innovation 2019

Schmitz Cargobull has received the Green Future Innovation 2019 award by VerkehrsRundschau and TRUCKER for its EcoDuo long-truck concept. Schmitz Cargobull's Chief Sales Officer, Boris Billich comments: "We are very pleased to receive this award and truly stand behind this concept. This vehicle combination is currently only used in Scandinavia and is being tested in individual European countries. In the long term, we regard the EcoDuo as an environmentally and economically efficient transport solution for use across Europe."

Reich transport company

Reich transport company takes over curtainsider semi-trailers for EcoDuo combination. Philipp Reich, owner of Reich transport company from Vimfow, took ownership of two new vehicles equipped with a POWER CURTAIN.
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