Electric cooling - S.CUe

Electric cooling - S.CUe

The S.CUe is the electric cooling unit for the S.KOe COOL and S.KO CITY. 100% output with zero emissions, specially developed for inner-city distribution transport.

S.CU e85 and S.CU ep85 cooling unit

The right product for every requirement

S.CU e85

Electric refrigeration unit for distribution use

S.CU ep85

Emission-free, all-electric cooling unit with innovative charging technology

  • Optimized temperature control, especially for the transport of sensitive goods
  • Mains operation 32 A, 400 V at 50 Hz, operation via ePTO possible
  • 15,800 watts cooling capacity, 10,500 watts heating capacity
  • Available in MonoTemp version
  • Integrated power electronics, battery operation incl. e-axis
  • Optimized temperature control, especially for the transport of sensitive goods
  • Autonomous running time Ø ~4.5 h
  • 15,800 watts cooling capacity, 10,500 watts heating capacity
  • Power supply (400 V AC, 50 Hz) by battery system or via mains, charging with CEE plug
  • On-board charger 22 kW
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Service
S.CU Kältemaschine Schmitz Cargobull

Energy savings

Up to 50% fewer defrosting cycles for greater energy savings. The cooling fins are arranged in an offset pattern. This slows down the freezing process, saving fuel and protecting the refrigeration chain.
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S.CU Kältemaschine Schmitz Cargobull

Control panel

The cooling unit control panel can be used to configure all the important transport settings and display the current status in 17 European languages. A PIN protects against unauthorised access.
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Remote Control

With integrated Schmitz Cargobull telematics and the TrailerConnect® portal, it is possible to command the refrigeration machine remotely and with just a few clicks at any time.
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Temperature printer

With the Schmitz Cargobull temperature printer you can quickly and easily create a paper printout of the certified temperature values directly on the vehicle.
The printout can be configured using the free beSmart App. This is a simple and convenient way of setting and changing, for example, the printing period or the language of the printout.

The temperature printer is an optional feature of the Smart Trailer.

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Schmitz Cargobull CargoSets

With pre-configured operating modes for the Schmitz Cargobull refrigeration machine (S.CU), you can now ensure that the temperature of the goods to be transported is always correct for every journey. 
This is achieved in no time at all thanks to simple creation of the Cargosets in the TrailerConnect® portal, direct transmission of the Cargosets "over the air" to the refrigeration machine and even simpler activation for the driver via the S.CU display. Simple system, direct transmission without a workshop visit and flexible selection of different operating modes are guaranteed to leave no room for manual operating errors in the future. More planning and efficiency is not possible.
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Pro-active monitoring 2.0

A properly functioning cooling unit is absolutely essential for temperature-controlled goods. However, failures can also occur here and then quick action is required. Thanks to Schmitz Cargobull's pro-active monitoring, you automatically receive a call from Cargobull Euroservice when an alarm message occurs. This means that you can react quickly and avoid damage to the goods.

* Offer is included in the EXECUTIVE package.


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Professional full service

You receive all the well-known Schmitz Cargobull service benefits for the entire range of S.CU cooling units.
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