Air distribution in the reefer semi-trailer S.KO COOL SMART

Air distribution in the reefer semi-trailer S.KO COOL SMART

Efficient. Evenly. Robust. Optimum air distribution for reliably temperature-controlled transport.

Efficient air distribution with three air channels with extended opening cross-section. The air channels are well-positioned that the load securing beams and bars can also be set flexibly and easily. 

Flexible hat: reliable connection to the air channels and protects against damage.    

The air channels with the collision-resistant hood are the optimal connection to the S.CU transport refrigeration machine. Simply efficient cooling.

Efficient air distribution

The interaction between the primary and secondary flow ensures a uniform temperature distribution for reliable cooled transport. 

Primary flow

The temperature controlled air is directed through the S.KO COOL SMART semi-trailer box through optimally arranged channels with an extended cross-section

Secondary flow

Air that has been heated by solar radiation on the roof or the side walls is cooled by cold air from the area between the channel and the roof. 

The TrailerConnect? portal gives you precise information of your trailer and freight at all times.

All data at a glance

  • Continuously cooled and documented with the integrated, certified digital temperature recorder.
  • The data is easily accessible via the TrailerConnect® Portal or in the beUpToDate app or beSmart app.
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Low total operating costs make the S.KO COOL box body semi-trailer highly economical across its lifetime. The TrailerConnect® telematics system, fitted as standard, provides for transparency and end-to-end documentation of the refrigeration chain. It offers maximum freight security, ensures the safe handling of temperature-controlled freight and short turnaround times at the ramp.
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S.CU transport cooling unit

S.CU transport cooling unit

Our cooling units are economical, lightweight and quiet. Extremely precise temperature control, optimum heat output and reduced defrosting cycles are just a few of their excellent properties.
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Telematics data service

With TrailerConnect® telematics, you receive all the information you need about your vehicles - on the telematics portal or on the beUpToDate app.
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Service Partners keep you mobile and minimise your downtimes.

Service Contracts

With the right service contract, you retain full control over the costs and we make sure that you stay mobile!
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TrailerConnect? telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.


TrailerConnect® telematics provides you with all the information you need about your vehicles.
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Individual quote with attractive terms and conditions for the entire lifecycle of your investment.


We will provide you with a customized offer with attractive conditions for the entire life cycle of your investment.
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