The pharmaceutical industry has complex regulations, especially when it comes to transporting medication. The S.KO COOL fulfils these requirements and the Trailer Connect® telematics functions ensure that you always have an eye on your sensitive freight.
Box body semi-trailer S.KO COOL SMART
  • Chassis
  • Running gear
MODULOS short chassis for the S.KO box body semi-trailer

MODULOS chassis

The FERROPLAST® thermal technology box body is self-supporting and warp-resistant. Thanks to their bolted connections, the individual components of the MODULOS trailer chassis can be easily replaced. Corrosion protection is maintained by the galvanised parts.
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Axle lift for better traction

Liftable axle

ROTOS running gears can be optionally equipped with an axle lift function. The axle lift and the starting aid increase efficiency, driving safety and traction and reduce tire wear.

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  • Double-decker system
  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Roof
Loading volume with the double-decker system for the S.KO box body semi-trailer

Double-decker system

Flexible and higher utilisation of the trailer's capacity, thanks to its double-decker system. Ideal for freight that cannot be stacked. The system provides for gap-free loading using two infinitely height-adjustable split levels.
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S.KO box body semi-trailer Ferroplast roof


The standard FERROPLAST®-insulated roof comes in various versions, ensuring excellent fuel efficiency and outstanding insulation.
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  • MultiTemp equipment
  • Cooling unit
MultiTemp equipment
Cooling unit
Transportkältemaschinen S.CU

S.CU transport cooling unit

The MonoTemp and MultiTemp versions of the S.CU cooling unit delivers optimum cost-effectiveness. Precise temperature management, thanks to sensitive control, low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals.
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Advantages for the dispatcher

- Compliance with regulations through certified components and telematics modes
- Real-time monitoring to intervene immediately if necessary
- Increased cargo security through the TAPA* standard and temperature monitoring through pharmaceutical certification
- Reduced risk of cargo theft and cargo damage

Advantages for the fleet manager

- Improved transparency in the supply chain
- Compliance with insurance requirements for the transport of sensitive cargo

Advantages for the driver

- More security for the cargo through certified security technology and handling routines
- Support for increased responsibility in the execution of security transports
- Reduced risk of cargo damage due to safety equipment
- TAPA status is also displayed in the beSmart app

Monitored pharmaceutical transport - with the TrailerConnect® Portal

With just a few settings, you can configure TrailerConnect® portal and keep the sensitive temperature control under control even from your desk.
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  • So you have all routes and events immediately at a glance:
    − Clear presentation in the portal on map (Google Maps), graphic or list
    − Current status of route or fleet
    − Summary of histories
    − Shortened reporting interval to up to 30 seconds
    − Individual setting of alarm and setpoints
  • This ensures a longer battery life:
    - Solar panel doubles battery life for cooling unit and telematics control even with remote units
    - Battery monitor warns of low charge status and prevents battery-damaging deep discharge
  • This is what TrailerConnect® Data Management Center (DMC) and TrailerConnect® TourTrack provide:
    − The conditions for the transport of temperaturecontrolled freight also apply in full here
    − Safety-relevant information can also be automatically forwarded to external TAPA* control centres
  • This way you keep full control over the cargo
    − In TAPA mode you control the door locking system with additional options and start monitoring the route
    − Geofence-based locking of the door locking system
    − Door locking system on the trailer remains PINsecured in TAPA mode
    − With the sabotage functions, you configure the security devices on the trailer
  • In this way, the portal supports you in maintaining the cold chain
    − Monitoring of up to two temperature zones in the cargo area with pharma-certified temperature sensors
    − Setting of predefined CargoSets for simplified temperature control
    − Correction of temperature control also online
  • Door locking system and door contact sensor
Door locking system and door contact sensor
Protection from unauthorised access with control via the TrailerConnect® portal

Door locking system and door contact sensor

The door sensor detects whether the rear doors are open or closed. With the aid of the door locking system, the rear doors can be remotely locked or unlocked via the TrailerConnect® portal or the beSmart app.
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  • Restraint


Comprehensive certifications for your safety in day-to-day transportation work.

  • Internal body length13.4 / 14.7 / 16.8m
  • Intenal body width2,460 or 2,490mm
  • Internal body height*2,350-3,050mm
  • Pallet spaces33 / 36 / 41Euro pallets or 26 ISO pallets
* depending on the statutory requirements and the individual semi-trailer specification.

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