Intelligent data management protects transport companies

Intelligent data management protects transport companies

Data Management Center offers controlled approach to automated data transparency
June 2022 – Thanks to real-time visibility platforms (RTV), online freight handling platforms and online forwarding services offer a wide range of benefits for transport companies. However, the sharing of transport data with shippers can cause problems for the transport sector. That’s why intelligent data management is essential for efficient cooperation. 

Data Management Center offers controlled approach to automated data transparency

Digital freight handling platforms and online forwarding services are changing the transport market: Strong, long-standing business relationships between shippers, forwarders and carriers are starting to fall apart. A new approach to transparency is gaining ground in the market, providing real-time insight into the location and status of freight and enabling transport companies to evaluate data on these digital portals.

Telematics data from tractors and trailers cover the entire transportation journey. Using this data, RTV platforms make a piece of cargo’s journey visible, from start to finish. Result: The customer feels well-informed and is able to respond early to any unforeseen incidents, for example. RTV platforms improve relations between all those involved in the logistics process and simplify cooperation in the supply chain network.

The challenge of data security for route-related data 
However, every silver lining has a cloud. As appealing the sharing of route-based data between networks of transporters and industrial operations may be, forwarders not only have to network their own fleets to achieve this, but also need to incorporate their subcontractors’ fleets, too. This in turn means that RTV platforms have transparent access to data from the forwarder’s entire network.

As such, this approach allows for almost uncontrolled access to large volumes of data and, with this, new business models such as digital freight matching.

Forwarders are concerned that the new business models generated by data sharing could undermine their business, and these worries are reducing transparency within the supply chain. New solutions are needed that only disclose route-related logistics data without revealing the complete network of sub-contractors.

The Schmitz Cargobull Data Management Center 
This is precisely where Schmitz Cargobull’s vision comes in. In the TrailerConnect® Data Management Center, forwarders retain control over their data. Information from the individual members of their logistics network is centralised under the forwarder’s name, and consolidated without revealing the individual partners to third parties. TrailerConnect® is able to forward route- and transport-order-related data (LTL) separately to the individual destinations. Here, the forwarder decides which information is disclosed to a shipper, thereby protecting their business secrets and networks. Fleet operators using the TrailerConnect® DMC can therefore rest assured that their trailers are compatible with any shipper platform, and that in future their data can be passed on in a controlled and secure manner.

“As a key participant in the logistics sector, Schmitz Cargobull will provide solutions to help forwarders and transport companies safely and reliably share data in future,” explains Marnix Lannoije, Head of Product Line Digital Services, Cargobull Telematics GmbH, “Forwarders will only share their fleet data if they have control over how their data is shared. This is what motivates Schmitz Cargobull. We will enhance further functions to assist forwarders and their customers in improving transparency and supporting automation in the logistics sector.” 

À propos de Schmitz Cargobull :
Schmitz Cargobull est le premier fabricant européen de semi-remorques pour le transport routier frigorifique, le transport express de marchandise et le transport par lot ou en vrac.
C’est aussi un pionnier des solutions numériques grâce à ses services et ses systèmes de télématique pour remorque. Schmitz Cargobull fabrique également des groupes frigorifiques pour semi-remorques destinés au transport de marchandises sous températures dirigées. Avec une offre globale intégrant le financement, la fourniture de pièces détachées d’origine, avec ses offres de contrats de service, ses solutions télématiques tout comme la vente de véhicules d'occasion, Schmitz Cargobull aide ses clients à optimiser leur coût total de possession (TCO) ainsi que le passage au numérique. Schmitz Cargobull a été fondée en 1892 dans le Münsterland (Allemagne). L'entreprise familiale produit environ 60 000 véhicules par an avec plus de 6 000 employés et a réalisé un chiffre d'affaires d'environ 2,6 milliards d'euros au cours de l'exercice 2022/23. Le réseau de production international comprend actuellement dix usines réparties en Allemagne, en Lituanie, en Espagne, en Angleterre, en Turquie, en Slovaquie ainsi qu'en Australie.

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