From the road to the cloud test

From the road to the cloud test

Every vehicle produces it, every business wants it; telematics data is currently the hottest information in road transport. And comprehensive transport data is crucial for a transparent supply chain.

TrailerConnect® Data Management Center

Our TrailerConnect® telematics ensure reliable data flow. Securely share your data and protect your transport network with the TrailerConnect® Data Management Center from Schmitz Cargobull. Our GDPR-compliant platform works like a filter between your transport data and Real Time Visibility platforms. And you can choose the data you share with others. 

Questions about handling transport data

The transport industry is fragmented. The use of subcontractor networks is extensive. This combination makes controlling the flow of data a challenge. Industry and shippers in particular often demand real-time data. 

  • How do I keep control of my transport data?
    When it comes to exchanging data, freight forwarders should be clear: do you want to give third parties full access to your transport data? What happens to the data when it is transferred to other platforms? Currently, the external platforms take over the tour-related data for transport planning. 
    Our TrailerConnect® Carrier Management Center simplifies the exchange of data with external platforms. In the TrailerConnect® Carrier Management Center, the freight forwarder checks and selects the transport data before it is forwarded to other platforms. This can also be tourbased and automated for more data security.
  • How do I get a connection to the interfaces?
    There are countless systems on the market that collect and process telematics data but not every telematics system can be connected to all platforms. Our new TrailerConnect® Carrier Management Center has common interfaces to all telematics systems. It only ever deals with the respective tour or order. Only tour-related or order-related data is passed on.
  • How do I create supply chain transparency without disclosing my network?

    A transparent supply chain does not mean that all data is shared unfiltered. It means the information needed in the supply chain for a tour is shared. This requires intelligent data management. 
    Our new TrailerConnect® Carrier Management Center collects the transport data of the forwarder and subcontractor in a protected area. Using filters, freight forwarders themselves decide which data is passed on. The transmission of data to third parties takes place in the name of the forwarder. This protects the subcontractor network. 

This is how secure data transfer works!

How the TrailerConnect® Data Management Center creates security

Data exchange via Real Time Visibility platforms

Real Time Visibility platforms (RTV) enable the exchange of tour-related data between hauliers, subcontractors and principals. All telematics data is transmitted to these platforms and is available to the client and the platform operator. This ensures a transparent supply chain, but also provides insights into the transport network and capacity utilisation. This information can be used by the platforms for transport planning, for example. 

Secure data transfer with the Data Management Center

The TrailerConnect® Data Management Center was developed for freight forwarders and lead logistics service providers. It easily connects to popular telematics systems and platforms and ensures secure data exchange. The tour-related data is collected in an area that is only accessible to the forwarder. Using filter options, the forwarder can decide which information is to be passed on.

The information collected by TrailerConnect® Telematics is available in the TrailerConnect® Data Management Center. In addition to various apps for mobile viewing, the platform offers modules for individual data use.
TrailerConnect® FleetTrack is an asset-based service that provides you with messages, evaluation and reports for your planning and strategy. 

With TrailerConnect® TourTrack, data is configured on an order-by-order basis. It includes functions such as geofencing, where the start, rest and end points of a tour can be defined. 

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