Le châssis porte-conteneurs S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 assure de la flexibilité, de la sécurité et de la rentabilité. Les conteneurs de 20‘ à 45‘ avec tunnel long et coins biseautés sont bloqués par différents systèmes de verrouillage. La barre anti-encastrement télescopique est de série sur le S.CF ALLROUND 20-45.
The S.CF Allround 20-45 semi-trailer container chassis delivers flexibility.
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Train de roulement
New operating concept with loading plan and clear function and warning notices on locks and extensions.
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Reliably maintaining the cold chain with containers

Reefer containers (20'/40'/40' high cube) account for 4% of the total volume of TEU sea containers and therefore transport well over 50% of refrigerated cargo by sea. Refrigerated containers must also be safely supplied with power for several days during subsequent land transportation. Schmitz Cargobull offers a complete ex-works solution for the S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 container chassis. The universal solution for 20' to 45' containers is equipped with a generator set for a self-sufficient power supply, making it even more versatile and increasing its trailer uptime.
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Control panel

The control panel with TFT monitor shows the operating status, consumption, total running time and the next maintenance date, among other things.
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Easy handling: power supply to the refrigerated containers via the CEE socket on the front bar.
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130 litre diesel tank for continuous operation of refrigerated containers for several days.
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Your advantages

  • One-stop shopping: complete solution ex works without additional effort by retrofitting at the service partner
  • Customised and reliable thanks to individual adaptation to the S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 container chassis
  • High ground clearance of approx. 310 mm
  • Self-sufficient power supply for up to 60 hours from remote units
  • Branded product with large service network
  • Immediately available from stock

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