The Box Semitrailer with Folding Wall

S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box
1. Versatile and efficient: The perfect all-rounder for your success
The container trailer with folding wall from Schmitz Cargobull combines three decisive advantages: 
  • It is as safe as only a box body made of metal can be. By using our FERROPLAST composite material with burglary-resistant steel surface layers, you have a maximum degree of safety when transporting valuable freight.
  • The folding wall on the side guarantees you the accessibility and simple loading of a curtainsider.

The box trailer with folding wall is the ideal tool for your flexible scheduling. Its wide range of usage options means that it enables you to make a greater range of offers and simplifies transporting return freight. This increases your utilization and prevents empty runs.

2. Full broadside
Just open it. Rapid loading. Safe transportation. The folding wall on the side guarantees you accessibility and simple loading. The side loading width is 13,109 mm. Thanks to the advantages of FERROPLAST the folding wall box does not have a centre support.

3. FERROPLAST bulkhead

  • The robust FERROPLAST bulkhead provides the refrigeration unit with a secure mounting.
  • The optional, liquid-tight chequered plate floor pan prevents the load from slipping and also protects the pallet floor underneath against exposure to liquids.
  • The FERROPLAST body is not only suitable for dry freight but also for transporting refrigerated goods.
S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box  - Trailer - Transport Solutions - CEP Services - Box Semitrailer with Folding Wall

4. FERROPLAST double wing door

  • Double wing door made of FERROPLAST with 2 x 4 aluminium hinges
  • 2 stainless steel espagnolettes with large stainless steel handles and lock
  • Sturdy rear frame from matt blasted stainless steel.
  • Rubber buffers protect the rear of the vehicle against hard docking

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