S.CS COIL Curtainsider

For All Common Steel Coil Formats

The S.CS with COIL equipment provides you with more than just an optimally equipped vehicle for transporting steel strip bundles. The closed coil trough also offers you enough flexibility to transport any type of general cargo return freight. The S.CS with COIL equipment is always optimally prepared to handle heavy loads and high point loads.
The S.CS COIL with its low centre of gravity enables the safe transport of steel coils with a diameter ranging from 800 mm to 2,200 mm. The reinforced frame construction is  capable of handling point loads of up to 30 t on 1.5 m. With a Certificate of Exemption it is thus capable of transporting indivisible freight with a total towing weight of 45 t in a  five-axle truck and trailer combination. The trough covers allow return freight such as  pallets to be transported, thus increasing the trailer's efficiency.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Curtainsider body with sliding roof for free side access and crane loading
  • Covered trough with 5.46 t point load bearing capacity: Smooth floor for pallet transport
  • Max. 27 t axle unit load for max. 45 t gross vehicle weight (certificate of exemption for individisble loads)
  • Load securing certificate
    DIN EN 12642 (Code XL), optional additional
  • Load securing certificate for coil
    transport to VDI 2700, Sheet 19
For All Common Steel Coil Formats.

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