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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Correct tyre pressures not only save fuel, but also provide optimum stability during the loading and unloading of a tipper semitrailer. A new sensing device can now perform both functions.
For anyone who drives their vehicle on uneven roads, a tyre pressure monitoring system with reinflation facility is indispensable. But you do not have to take part in the Dakar Rally to find this technology useful. The tyre pressure assistant with automatic reinflation option continuously measures the air pressure in each tyre of the tipper semitrailer and compares it with the preset target value, informing and warning the driver by means of a smartphone app. In the case of a deviation, the assistant intervenes and corrects the pressure by automatically replenishing the required quantity of air. This means this device reduces the vehicle owner’s costs from the very first kilometre; because if the tyre pressure is too low, this increases rolling resistance and therefore the fuel consumption of the entire truck and trailer combination. The service life of the tyre also drops dramatically.

Low life-cycle costs
The correct air pressure also reduces the wear and tear on the tyre and protects the entire vehicle structure with low life cycle costs over its entire lifetime. The correct tyre pressure not only saves you money, but also ensures that a semitrailer is as stable as possible when being loaded and tilted. On the road, the permanent monitoring of the tyre pressure increases safety and helps to protect against an unexpected tyre-related breakdown.

The tyre pressure monitoring and re-pressurisa¬tion system actively monitors the tyre pressure in each individual tyre and makes it possible to continue driving a limited distance to reach a workshop even in cases of slow pressure loss.

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