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Time is Your Money

Lower costs, greater profit

The purchase price of a commercial vehicle makes up only about 15 per cent of its total costs during the entire period of use. The remaining 85 per cent is determined by the payload, maintenance costs and high transport frequency.

COST ACCOUNTING. “The price is forgotten long after the quality is remembered” – the motto of the founder of Rolls Royce is still valid today. Loosely translated it means quality is more important than a low initial price. How economical a truck or semitrailer ultimately is, is determined by its payload, its robustness, simple handling and rapid load change. This is true for the tipper semitrailers produced by Schmitz Cargobull, because of their weightoptimised design, all the tippers that leave the Gotha plant traditionally stand out due to their high payload capacity. As Schmitz Cargobull insists on the use of a steel chassis, made of light but nevertheless hardwearing finegrained steel, high payloads are combined with durability – even though the chassis does not contain any light metals. Potential savings are particularly apparent in the case of frequent tipping on short journeys. Amongst other things, the innovative tipper semitrailers ensure short administration times because of their on-board weighing system. Plus, the integrated scales avoid problems during vehicle spot checks due to overloading, as the load data is transmitted electronically to the smartphone or on-board computer immediately after loading or unloading. This means that the delivery advice note or invoice can be printed immediately. The permanent tyre pressure monitoring system prevents low pressures. This reduces fuel consumption and enhances the service life of the tyres. Another function introduced by Schmitz Cargobull to save time – and therefore costs – is the new automatic roll tarpaulin and traction control – which in many cases provides assistance with the forward movement of the vehicle, so the time-consuming use of industrial plant to free the truck and trailer combination when it has become stuck is no longer needed.

Fast roof cover

The securing of loads and fuel savings are playing an increasingly important role in bulk transport. A new, remote controlled roll top optimises both, while at the same time offering more comfort for the driver.
Up until now the requirements concerning a cargo space cover for tipper semitrailers has not been completely fulfilled by tarpaulin systems, as they are often inconvenient to handle and require the driver to work at height by climbing up the vehicle. The engineers at Schmitz Cargobull have developed a new roll top which provides maximum ease through the use of a remote control. The advantages of the system are obvious; more safety and time savings. Opening and closing the top takes just 25 seconds, which is significantly less time than it takes using the manual roll tarpaulin, especially for vehicles making multiple collections and deliveries per day. Plus, securing of the tarpaulin with tension belts is not necessary. And because the driver no longer has to enter the tipping space of the body and doesn’t have to climb on to the platform, their work becomes safer. The new cargo space cover can also be remote controlled from the driver’s cab by means of an app. It can be easily retrofi tted to many S.KI products and is not damaged by overhanging loads. The rope-locking mechanism that is a standard feature of the sliding roof is no longer needed and the tarpaulin is attached to the side facing away from the loading process in order to protect it. The reliability of the new roll top opening and closing function has been extensively tested more than 1,000 times. The electric roll top also reduces fuel consumption by up to 10–12 per cent when closed, owing to its improved aerodynamics in comparison to an open, unladen tipper body.

Schmitz Cargobull relies on steel chassis. The S.KI is sturdier than aluminium without sacrifi cing any payload.The automatic roller tarpaulin saves drivers an enormous amount of time, reduces aerodynamic drag, provides optimal load securing and is child‘s play to operate.The automatic roller tarpaulin saves drivers an enormous amount of time, reduces aerodynamic drag, provides optimal load securing and is child‘s play to operate.The integrated weighing system makes trailers independent of stationary weighers while also accelerating internal invoicing and issuing delivery notes

Weighing made simple
An integrated on-board weighing system enables independent weighing, which saves time during the weighing process, by assisting with weight checks and speeding up the invoicing process.
Transporting bulk goods is a difficult business. Every kilogram transported counts when it comes to the invoicing and more and more operators are paying increasing attention to the legal limits out of fear of incurring fi nes. As a result Schmitz Cargobull now offers an integrated, certified weighing system which provides the best compromise with the greatest profitability. A calculation system determines the total weight of the combination, to ensure the trailer is always operated with the optimal payload, improving profi tability. Where required, the onboard weighing system can also be expanded to include an integrated printing function. Similarly, data transfer – upon passing corresponding data transfer points – can also be included as an addition or an alternative. Drivers also have access to certifi able weight calculations. This eliminates waiting times at fi xed weighing facilities and provides an advantage with weight checks as the correct load weight can be verified at all times. In addition, the standardised load data is also electronically transferred to the driver’s smartphone and/or an offi ce computer; enabling the delivery advice note or invoice to be issued immediately.

Safety first

The construction industry is characterised by craftsmanship and physical activity. And where wood is chopped, splinters must fall – unfortunately this is often associated with injuries. In order to reduce the risk for drivers, Schmitz Cargobull is offering a new pneumatic rear underride protection. Anyone who frequently drives a road finishing machine knows handling the rear underride protection is a job which is often dirty, physically demanding and which can be dangerous – drivers can become quickly trapped or hit. In order to avoid such injuries, S.KI tipper semitrailers can be equipped with a new remote-controlled pneumatic underride protection. Folding and unfolding is remotely controlled by means of a smart phone app, which also indicates the end position in each case. This remotecontrol not only reduces the risk of injury, but also saves drivers the trouble of having to repeatedly get in and out of their air-conditioned vehicles. This is a major benefit as outside conditions for such work are often unpleasant, due to the high temperatures involved with laying hot asphalt.

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