Transport Refrigeration Unit

Cool Calculation – Precise Temperatures.

The Premium Series of the Schmitz Cargobull Transport Refrigeration Unit.

Even minor deviations from the specified temperatures can have a major influence on the storage life and quality of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. Stable temperature controls are a key challenge for any transport refrigeration unit.

The Schmitz Cargobull transport refrigeration unit (in both the SingleTemp and MultiTemp design) perform exceptionally well in this area with their excellent cooling power, first-rate heating capacity and reduced defrosting cycles. The intelligent partial load control function for continuous operation reduces fuel consumption without generating any noise.

The freely adjustable speed control for the transport refrigeration unit guarantees the correct output, even for partial loads. This ensures that the temperature remains even throughout the entire interior, all the way to the rear, with fewer fluctuations than start-stop mode – with almost the same high level of economic efficiency.

Your Benefits:

  • Innovative and reliable design.
  • Exact temperature management through precise control.
  • Fewer defrosting cycles and high heat output for rapid defrosting.
  • Long maintenance intervals.
  • Low fuel consumption, ideal for partial loads.
Cool Calculation – Precise Temperatures. - Technology - Transport Refrigeration Unit