Transport Refrigeration Unit

Service Starts during Construction.

The Structure of a Schmitz Cargobull Transport Refrigeration Unit.

The modular design of the refrigeration unit combined with the bolted frame enables easy service access and repairs. A user-friendly housing creates space for service: The two wide-opening flaps at the front make the unit very easy to maintain. They allow unrestricted access to all of the technical components in the housing. All of the wearing parts are freely accessible without having to dismantle other components. The electrical heating rods in the evaporator can be replaced from the outside. As a result, the trailer no longer has to be unloaded in most cases.

No Waiting for Service.
Refrigeration Unit Monitoring for Proactive Maintenance.

Your refrigerated semi-trailer only makes you a profit when it is on the road. Therefore, stops for service and maintenance need to be kept to a minimum. Maintenance or repairs planned in advance help by reducing the time spent in the workshop. All of this is made possible by centrally monitoring the device functions for all transport refrigeration units and additional roof evaporators at Schmitz Cargobull Service Head Office. Service partners receive all necessary information in advance so that they can order in spare parts and plan any trips to the workshop. Participation in the system is voluntary for all customers, of course.

Service Starts during Construction. - Technology - Transport Refrigeration Unit

1. Transport Refrigeration Unit

2. Simple menu-driven operation in six languages from an easily accessible control panel.

3. A specially developed cooling fin design in the evaporator reduces the defrosting cycles by up to 50 %. The best heat output among the competition for short defrosting times. This increases its efficiency and particularly protects moist freight, such as fruit and vegetables.

4. Proactive monitoring of the transport refrigeration unit shortens the down-times for service and optimises forecasted periods for repair and maintenance at the audited Service Partner