Utility Packages

Rough Roadpro

On many routes, refrigerated trailers which are professionally prepared for poor roads are necessary in order to deliver the freight on time and profitably. The Rough Roadpro utility package perfectly prepares your S.KO COOL for those difficult routes.

Schmitz Cargobull box semitrailers with the Rough Roadpro package not only offer you a solid performance advantage under extreme road and weather conditions in eastern Europe and eastern Scandinavia, the utility package prevents the timeintensive, individual retrofitting of the vehicle and proves itself verywhere where the road quality demands the most from drivers and vehicles. The reinforced axles, longer spring travel and heavy duty shock absorbers provide high reserve capacities. The brake disks, suspension bellows, hoses and control elements are all especially protected. The advantages for you are higher availability and transport quality, less wear, better value retention - and thus lower overall life cycle costs.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Hard-wearing: reinforced axles and reinforced link springs
  • More spring travel: the MRH pneumatic suspension with reinforced air bellows (long life rubber) and reinforced bellows piston.
  • Longer service life: heavy-duty shock absorbers
  • Additional protective plates: for brake discs, suspension bellows and EBS
  • Reliable: protected hoses and operating elements
For Poor RoadsDouble espagnolette locks Pneumatic suspension and brake operationAdditional mudguardMRH pneumatic suspension

2. Double espagnolette locks for additional stability and security
3. Pneumatic suspension and brake operation in a protective box
4. Additional mudguard behind the first and second axle
5. MRH pneumatic suspension with reinforced air bellows and reinforced bellows piston protect the load and the body