Utility Packages

Load & Dockpro

Time is always of the essence in distribution transport - when manoeuvring and docking, and also during loading. The Load & Dockpro utility package lowers the risk of damage and reduces the wear on your refrigerated box body.

The Load & Dockpro package configures the S.KO COOL for rough loading operations and thus ensures low life cycle costs - even where there is no guarantee that the workers are sufficiently qualified: The FERROPLAST body is extremely puncture resistant and the HDR technology doubles the buckling resistance of the wall surfaces in the cargo area. The side walls with load securing rails can bear loads of up to 32 t. Protective equipment limits the risk of damage to the doors and the rear wall frame when docking. A series-standard ramp approach aid ensures precise, time-saving docking and, if the worst comes to the worst, the reinforced rear frame withstands even hard impacts against the ramp.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Side walls capable of withstanding up to 32 t reduce the load securing work
  • Load securing rails and additional scuff rail on the side wall
  • Reinforced circulation wall
  • Liquid-tight aluminium floor pan, the floor can bear up to 4,5 t/m² (to DIN 283, 5.5 t test weight)
  • Ramp approach aid, roller bumpers and protective strips prevent damage
  • Full-width hard rubber protective strip protects the rear wall frame, stainless steel lower segment for even greater durability
For Hard Loading OperationsConstant protectionFull-size compression roller bumpers Hardened connection

2. Constant protection: A continuous impact protection profile can optionally be fitted under the rear door
3. Full-size compression roller bumpers protect the rear wall frame
4. Hardened connection between the rear wall frame and the floor plate