Utility Packages

Eco Coolpro

The economical use of energy is not only important in terms of climate protection, it also improves the profitability of your transport business. The Eco Coolpro utility package for the S.KO COOL enables you to give your company a decisive advantage in both respects. The highly insulated refrigerated box body with the new NX17 foam technology pays off, as do the optimised aerodynamics.

The S.KO COOL with the Eco Coolpro package possesses two convincing features: The FERROPLAST frozen goods box with the new NX17 foam technology and thick insulation on the walls and roof offers premium insulation properties. The thermal conductivity of the floor has also been substantially reduced. A circulation wall and a longitudinally adjustable partition complete the cooling concept. In addition to lower energy requirements for cooling, the aerodynamic cladding on the chassis and the bulkhead also reduce the fuel consumption. The chassis cladding can also be combined with one or two pallet boxes. The Eco Coolpro package proves its efficiency through greater temperature retention and a more economical environmental balance.

For the Best Energy EfficiencyChassis cladding Cladding on the chassis reduces the air resistanceImproved insulation

2. Chassis cladding: Optionally with one or two pallet boxes
3. Cladding on the chassis reduces the air resistance
4. Improved insulation: FERROPLAST with NX17 foam technology