Utility Packages

Flower & Foodpro

With the Flower & Foodpro utility package you transform the S.KO COOL into a universal multitemperature vehicle for cooled transport. The insulation complies with the ATP FRC class standards. The box has an interior loading height of 2,700 mm and the specially designed interior width also enables interlocking loading when transporting roller flower containers.

The Flower & Foodpro package enables the S.KO COOL to fulfil every standard required for versatile refrigerated transport - from load securing to the HACCP certificate. The two-chamber setup with circulation wall, air duct and adjustable partition also includes air vents with customs grilles, where permitted. The refrigeration unit is available with an optional auto-start/start-stop function. The double decker loading equipment or load securing rails and the four perforated rails on the roof and the row of holes milled into the floor provide a flexible range of loading options. The full-height hard rubber protective strip reduces the risk of damaging the doors and the rear wall frame.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Universally applicable vehicle (ATP, FRC, LaSi, HACCP certification)
  • Enables interlocking loading with roller flower containers
  • Versatile through adjustable, insulated partition
  • Efficient cooling with the circulation wall and air duct
  • Load securing rails and / or double decker loading equipment
  • Pallet box for 36 Euro pallets
For Universal Use with Fresh Goods TransportDouble decker loading equipment and a partitionInterlocking securingVertical clamping barsHigh capacity use for fresh produce deliveryAdapted loading width

2. Two by two: Double decker loading equipment and a partition for two temperature zones.
3. Interlocking securing: Perforated grid milled into the floor ...
4. … and perforated grid rails mounted on the roof for vertical clamping bars
5. The comprehensive certification simplifies high capacity use for fresh produce delivery
6. No problems with flower containers: Adapted loading width.