Utility Packages

Passiv Thermopro

Narrow temperature tolerance margins are becoming increasingly common when transporting sensitive freights over short distances. The Passive Thermopro utility package offers your company an economical alternative for freights such as fruit, vegetables or pharmaceuticals, which would otherwise require refrigerated transport.

With the Passive Thermopro package, the certified temperature constancy of the FERROPLAST box eliminates the need for a refrigeration unit over short distances. This enables you to transport freight more cost-efficiently and also reduces maintenance. The factory-prepared retrofitting option for a refrigeration unit and a temperature recorder enables you to bring your S.KO COOL up to the ATP standard for refrigerated vehicles.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Economical short-distance transport for temperature-sensitive freights
  • Certified temperature constancy without cooling
  • Reduced operating costs without refrigeration unit, higher payload
  • Can also be retrofitted by Schmitz Cargobull with a refrigeration unit and diesel tank
Passiv ThermoGood temperatureFour-lip door sealThe optional double decker systemThe bulkhead and connection consoleSpace for 66 pallets instead of 33

2. Good temperature: Lockable air vents on the bulkhead and rear
3. Four-lip door seal to perfectly seal the box body
4. Easy handling: The optional double decker system
5. The bulkhead and connection console: Prepared for refrigeration technology retrofittin
6. Space for 66 pallets instead of 33: the double decker system with 1.000 kg load per beam.