Utility Packages


Unloading and loading for short-sea transport operations take place under extreme time pressure. All of the available space on the ferries is utilised uncompromisingly and in the event of damage the guilty party is almost impossible to identify. The Ferrypro utility package significantly reduces the risk of damage. The utility package is designed to handle the rough hitching and unhitching with terminal tractors along with steep ramps, low overhead heights and closely parked vehicles on board.

The S.KO COOL with the Ferrypro utility package is available as a box version with normal or reinforced sidewalls. The equipment includes load securing rails or double decker loading equipment. The landing gear with rolling feet reduces the risk of damage when hitching and unhitching. In order to avoid damage caused during lowering in roll-on roll-off operations, the rear underride guard with skids has been moved forwards by 300 mm. The refrigeration unit is mounted 90 mm lower on the front wall and equipped with a protective frame. Four pairs of ferry lashings simplify securing when on board. Steel corner bumpers, a body-width wear plate and hard rubber strips on the rear wall frame protect the body. A version with three pairs of ferry lashings is available for accompanied ferry transport along with the optional underride guard positioned further forward.

The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Load securing or double decker loading equipment
  • For easy hitching and unhitching: Landing gear with rolling feet
  • For boarding ramps: Underride guard moved forwards and with skids
  • For low headroom on board: Lowered refrigeration unit with protective frame
  • Steel corner bumpers, wear plate and rear wall protective strips
For Safe Ferry TransportFerry Lashings Ferry Lashings 2 Integrated support stand mountingsLanding gear with rolling feet

2. Ferry lashings on the head frame
3. Ferry lashings on the frame behind the axle unit
4. Integrated support stand mountings for unaccompanied ferry transport
5. Landing gear with rolling feet for hard manoeuvring