The SMART PLUS package for the latest curtainsider semi-trailers combines equipment with a Full Service offering and trailer telematics system - also available with financing on request. Standard models, such as the S.CS UNIVERSAL SMART PLUS curtainsider semi-trailer, are available even at very short notice, depending on the configuration.
The SMART PLUS package for S.CS curtainsider semi-trailers.

In every S.CS SMART PLUS package

Comprehensive equipment and services for a reliable transport solution.

Power Curtain - the body without support laths for fast and secure loading and unloading.
  • The high-strength tarpaulin with integrated aramid fibres and wire inlays requires no support laths or slat brackets, ensuring that you have faster access to your goods.
Full Service trailer and tyres
Schmitz Cargobull Full Service trailers and tyres.
  • Highest-quality service, improved value retention, reliable cost planning and reduced administrative overheads.
Coupling sensor
  • Monitoring the supply pressure of the brake system ensures that your tractor unit is reliably identified. The telematics unit is the central control unit in the trailer for all TrailerConnect® functions.
Transparent information
Transparent information about the location, security and technical condition of the semi-trailer.
  • The included TrailerConnect® Alert data service delivers clear information about the location, security and technical status of the trailer.
Tyre pressure monitoring system
The Schmitz Cargobull tyre pressure control system.
  • Lower tyre wear, lower fuel costs and reduced risk of a flat tyre.
Tailor-made financing
Pay for your preferred semi-trailer in monthly instalments.
  • From industry experts and irrespective of the company bank, including GAP cover.

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