People at Our Heart

People at Our Heart

In future, Schmitz Cargobull’s success will remain heavily dependent on skilled and motivated employees. An important milestone on our journey to extending our role as a market and technology leader is to tap into new markets and areas of business. To achieve this, we need highly qualified and dedicated specialists and managers.

Qualified and motivated employees

Qualified and motivated employees are a central element of Schmitz Cargobull's long-term success. We currently have two new initiatives underway to advance our employees.

Investments in the new world of work

Schmitz Cargobull is setting the course for the new world of work with our Smart Work initiative. Remote working, for example, has been a mainstay of our working life since before the coronavirus pandemic. In our Horstmar offices, new space concepts are being developed to take better account of communication, coworking and the work-life balance.

To the Sustainability Report

Health and safety at work is a huge priority at Schmitz Cargobull. Accidents at our production sites are recorded, analysed and allocated measures according to the TOP principle – Technical Organisational, Personal measures. In terms of accident frequency, a distinction is drawn between permanent members of staff and temporary workers to help reveal any accident hotspots or integration problems with new staff from temp agencies (leasing staff) and resolve these. Leasing staff are included in occupational safety KPIs at a rate of 100 %, as well as in preventive occupational safety programmes and healthcare management.

Award for effective healthcare management

Vreden was awarded the Golden Seal for Corporate Healthcare for its performance in corporate health management in 2018. The German Seal for Corporate Healthcare is awarded to the benchmark for corporate health management programmes in accordance with research-based and practice-proven standards. It delivers valuable findings for target-oriented development of structures and services under the corporate health management programme. Bronze, silver and gold seals of approval are awarded. The evaluation process looks at factors such as the holistic and systematic structure of the corporate health management programme, the systematic implementation of comprehensive conduct- and relationship-oriented measures with employee involvement, and healthcare as a responsibility of management.

Research cooperations

As a technology-oriented company, we are closely involved in the world of research, particularly in Germany. Cooperation is a relevant issue for Schmitz Cargobull to further extend our in-house expertise and develop new service fields. This cooperation mainly involves universities and research institutes.

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Social commitment

We are mostly active in the areas close to where we work. Charitable work and creative projects are particularly close to our hearts, and Schmitz Cargobull supports with both financial and human resources.

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