Curtainsider Truck with Central-Axle Trailer

The dynamic ALP.

The Correct Axle Load Distribution.
The dynamic Axle Load Program (ALP) works with Z.CS central axle trailer running gear. The targeted lowering of the bellows pressure within the two chassis axles automatically moves the centre of the load relevant to the loading of the trailer. This equalises the pressure on the trailer tow-bar and the roadholding improves noticeably.

Partial loads in the trailer increase the pressure on the tow-bar without dynamic ALP and this overloads the drive axle in the tractor. The targeted venting of the rear trailer axle will re-create an evenly supported load.

When the trailer is unloaded it will try to lift up the tractor, i.e. when there is a mounted forklifter causing too much weight at the back. In this case the dynamic ALP will automatically correct the unfavourable axle load by venting the front trailer axle.


The current DALP (Dynamic Axle Load Program) video is available here.

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