Curtainsider Truck with Central-Axle Trailer

Simple and safe loading
The Schmitz Cargobull modular system enables you to equip your curtainsider articulated truck with the same customisable options as a semitrailer. This includes the pallet-width loading capacity up to the sliding roof, the optional 400 mm roof lift for simplified loading and also the body strength and load securing certificates according to your specifications.

1. Body with safety roof: Optionally with the load securing certificate VDI 2.700 Beverages.
2. Reinforced body with reinforced stanchions and aluminium laths.
3. Extremely tough: Aluminium bulkhead with steel reinforcing plate at the base.
4. Immediately ready: Folding bridge for the throughloading trailer.
5. Through-loading option: Double wing folding doors between the truck and the trailer.
modular system, curtainsider articulated truck, roof lift, load securing certificate