Emissions-free and sustainable solution for temperature-controlled transport: the S.KOe COOL all-electric box body semi-trailer

Emissions-free and sustainable solution for temperature-controlled transport: the S.KOe COOL all-electric box body semi-trailer

100% performance - 0 emissions

Refrigerated box body with battery-powered cooling unit and trailer axle with energy recuperation for environmentally friendly freight transport.

- with type approval for this semi-trailer model

- up to 100%* fuel and CO2 savings*

- 5 % less fuel for the entire train in practical use**

- full payload - space for pallet box (36 euro pallets) 

*electric refrigerated semi-trailer | ** with diesel-powered tractor unit

May 2023 – Emissions legislation is being stepped up. From 2025 onwards, many transport operations will only be possible within ‘zero emission zones’ in a number of major cities. Schmitz Cargobull has developed its S.KOe COOL all-electric box body reefer semi-trailer with e-axle generator especially for emissions-free delivery. 

100 % performance - 0 emissions

The all-electric S.KOe COOL box body semi-trailer is equipped with a fully electric cooling unit with integrated power electronics, a battery system and an axle generator, and thus operates emissions-free. The electrified semi-trailer is also extremely quiet, enabling early-morning and late-evening deliveries in urban areas. 

The electrically operated S.CU ep85 cooling unit is designed to cool and heat freight without generating any emissions. It offers a cooling output of up to 15,800 W and a heating output of 10,500 W.  Batteries on the landing gear replace the diesel tank and also offer customers the chance to install an extra pallet cage with space for 36 euro pallets. The payload of the fully electric reefer box body with a battery and electric axle is around the same as that of a refrigerated semi-trailer with a diesel unit. The additional weight of the battery in the fully electric refrigerated semi-trailer is almost completely balanced out by the removal of the generator.

The electrified Schmitz Cargobull trailer axle recuperates energy during braking, among other processes, and thus extends the cooling unit’s operating time or reduces the recharging times of the battery via the power grid. This also reduces waiting times at distribution centres. An intelligent battery charging management function ensures that the battery’s charge level remains as high as possible to provide greater reliability when the semi-trailer is stationary, such as in traffic jams. 

Thanks to three pre-defined modes (ECO, STANDARD and SAFE), the semi-trailer can be optimised according to the customer’s usage conditions and objectives. ECO mode ensures maximum energy and cost efficiency during refrigerated transport. STANDARD mode delivers cost-efficient protection against cargo spoilage, while SAFE mode provides maximum protection against spoilage. The modes can be selected via the display and keypad on the transport cooling unit or via the TrailerConnect® portal and app. 

The generator performance of the electrified axle is precisely matched to the requirements of the cooling unit. The system is fully integrated into the Schmitz Cargobull telematics system, enabling the respective system status such as the battery charge level, remaining range and remaining charging time, to be monitored via the telematics portal.

About Schmitz Cargobull 

Schmitz Cargobull is the leading manufacturer of semi-trailers for temperature-controlled freight, general cargo and bulk goods in Europe and a pioneer in digital solutions for trailer services and improved connectivity. The company also manufactures transport refrigeration machines for refrigerated semi-trailers for temperature-controlled freight transport. With a comprehensive range of services from financing, spare parts supply, service contracts and telematics solutions to used vehicle trading, Schmitz Cargobull supports its customers in optimising their total cost of ownership (TCO) and digital transformation. Schmitz Cargobull was founded in 1892 in Münsterland, Germany. The family-run company produces around 60,000 vehicles per year with over 6,000 employees and generated a turnover of around 2.6 billion euros in the 2022/23 financial year. The international production network currently comprises ten plants in Germany, Lithuania, Spain, England, Turkey, Slovakia and Australia.

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