Tank Container Semi-Trailer Chassis

Tank Chassis Providing Active and Passive Safety for Your Liquid Cargo Logistics Business.

The S.CF 20' TANK and the S.CF 30' TANK container semi-trailer chassis meet your every requirement regarding payload, easy operation and active driving safety. The same applies to the quality of the ADR-compliant safety equipment.

Whether in the tank chassis version for transporting a 20' tank container weighing up to 34,000 kg or a variably configured tank container semi-trailer chassis for transporting 20' and 30' liquid freight tanks with a total weight of up to 33,500 kg, the Schmitz Cargobull tank container chassis sets the highest design and equipment standards. The tank trailer welded frame combined with the ADR -compliant safety equipment offers you long-term high economy.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Optimised: Tank chassis for transporting 1 x 20' or 1 x 20' and 1 x 30' tank containers
  • Stable: Weight-optimised straight frame tank trailer with a high liquid cargo payload
  • Complete: ADR-compliant safety equipment
  • Proven: ROTOS running gear with MRH pneumatic suspension with AUTO-RESET function
  • Reliable: Electronic brake system (EBS) and roll stability program (RSP)
The Special Frame for Tank Containers.