Tie-down, Load Security

Practical Examples - Packaged Goods

Suitable equipment must be used to achieve form fitting loading when transporting packaged goods where the cargo is often different sizes. Creating loading units with standardised dimensions on pallets is one of the most important measures in this regard. Stanchions, vertical supports and locking bars which can be freely distributed throughout the loading area are a perfect option.

Double-decker loading is an elegant means of perfectly securing packaged goods while still enabling rapid, partial unloading. This decouples the cargo while the individual units can be loaded in a form-fitting fashion or securely lashed down on the second level.


Practical Examples - Packaged Goods - Trailer - Securing of LoadsA system of supports and locking bars for free  positioning.Here is an example of an easily secured loading unit.Horizontally used support slats provide the side interlocks for palletised  octabins. Clamping beams secure the load longitudinally.Variable loading space usage combined with uncomplicated load securing.Cross beams can be mounted on the stanchions  and in the double-decker side support beams  for positive locking of partial loads.The I-beams and the telescoping cross beams are simply attached at the  right height.Lashing straps can be firmly secured to the l-beams on the second level.

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